Bible Study

You are invited to be a part of my most recent “Worthy” Bible study—6 Shades of Lovewhich starts on Oct. 29, 2017. This study will focus on one or two Bible verses each dayconsidering the different shades of love God calls us to embrace and demonstrate. 

This study offers you a . . .

  • No-obligation private online group receiving devotional and/or Bible study notes 5-days a week.
  • Easy-to-use and interesting Bible study method.
  • Insight and support from me (Beth) and others who are gleaning gems from the Scriptures as well.
  • Bible study that gives you the flexibility of functioning as simply a 5 minute daily devotional to read, or challenges you to write out your own notes by doing a more in depth study based on study skills you’ll see being demonstrated by my notes and resources.
  • All the PDF’s of my study notes to download and read at your own pace, if you so desire.

All you need to do is:

  1. Let me know you want to be added to the 6 Shades of Love study group by sending a private message to me (Beth Steffaniak) through Facebook or via email at or simply in the comments below.
  2. I will FB friend you (give me your exact FB name if it is different) and then I will add you to the group ASAP.
  3. At that point, you’ll be notified, but will need to click to accept my invitation to the group before you can see the group wall.
  4. Once you’re in the group and after the group has begun (April 2), look for and click on the”FILES” tab (under the group cover photo) to see the chronological PDF’s that you can now download. But be sure to scan back to the beginning for additional resources like a video that will be added before the group begins.

If once you’re in the group you decide that you don’t like the daily notifications, then click on the “notifications” tab under the cover photo in the 6 Shades of Love. Simply select one of the following: all posts, highlights, friend’s posts, or off in order to turn off the notifications completely.

Finally, I would prefer that you not leave the group, but choose the last option if you the find notifications bothersome. That way you still have access to the PDF’s and can utilize them whenever you have more time or desire.

Most importantly . . .

All of this is free to you! However, it won’t be available forever! (As I will close the group eventually and only offer my notes in published form on Amazon).

Did you also know that integrating God’s word can strengthen your faith, as well as encouraging you in your life a marriage?! Well, it will! Diving into God’s word can and will enhance your life AND relationships!

You can click here to go directly to my personal Facebook page, if you’d like to friend me. But remember to let me know that you want to be added to the group or I may not confirm your “friend invitation”—especially if I am not familiar with you. 

Thanks so much, friends! I hope to see you in the Worthy Facebook group and back here at Messy Marriage as well!