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My husband and I offer marriage workshops that focus on three key connection points that have brought our messy marriage out of the trenches.

We also share candidly about our messy marriage years and what we discovered, with God’s illumination, was the way to reconnect and find enduring peace and satisfaction in our marriage and lives.

Since we like things to be practical and relational, we provide many tools that will get you and your spouse stretching, not just your communication skills, but your ability to empathize with and understand your mate. We provide moments to practice these skills in our workshops with your mate, as well as modeling them for you so you get the right idea.

We also focus on spiritual aspects that are paramount to any couple’s health in our workshops. So you can trust that our content has biblically-based truths and insights that serve as the foundation for our workshops.

We have several options for how we can offer these workshops: from a one night event to an all-day event or even a two-day event.

If you’d like to know more about our content or want to book a Connect U Marriage workshop at your church or event, please check out our Connect U website for more details.