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This week I want to share a bit about a project that my husband, Gary, and I have been working on together. As some of you may know, we have done some marriage workshops in 2015 and are now gearing up for many more in 2016.

So I wanted to share with you, my Messy Marriage readers, a video and a link to our new website – (Woot! Woot!).



I’d love for you to check both our website and video out and give us your thoughts and feedback here in the comments as we work on tweaking our message and approach.

Our heartbeat is to help couples connect in meaningful, practical and biblically-oriented ways. The connection strategies are ones that we’ve used over the years and have really increased our closeness and fulfillment in marriage, while lessening the messiness in marriage as well.

You may have attended marriage seminars before where you received a ton of helpful and meaningful information, but weren’t given the opportunity to work on those skills or have someone coming alongside you to guide you when you hit a snag in the process.

That’s why we created our Connect U to be more hands-on with a workshop approach and less like two talking heads with a lecture approach. We believe coming from that angle will benefit you with more of a personal and practical experience that’s sure to last beyond our time with you.

If you or your church would like to host an event with us, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here or go to our contact page at our connectU website. Most of our availability for 2016 is limited to the St. Louis regional area, but we would love to talk with you about booking an event for 2017 and beyond. 🙂


What are some challenges in marriage that you would like to hear addressed in a workshop?


What do you think we should add, improve or address on our Connect U website and/or the website’s design?



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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Beth, I LOVE the website! This is going to be a great resource…and I will bet that you will not only strengthen but save many marriages. (I will try to watch the video later…my rural connection seems to think that moving pictures are science fiction this morning.)

    When we remarried, Barbara and I went to a Family Life conference…and there were two issues there that made it less than it might have been.

    1) There was little small-group interaction; it was offered but not well-led.

    2) There was no real instruction on how to go from the intentional ambience of the conference to the real-world setting of the marriage, other than to say, “Pray together regularly.”

    Well, yes, but we needed more than that; we needed a strategy for making time and, more importantly, making mental, emotional, and spiritual space that would be inviolate.

    And there is an anecdote…

    Barb is Catholic, born and raised, and I went through RCIA so we could be married in her church…and Catholic jokes were considered OK by the moderators, to the point where I had had enough. I raised my hand during the Q&A, and when recognized said, “I’m Catholic, I’m from Texas, and you, sir, are a-fixin’ to meet Jesus right quick.”

    The funny thing was, the moderator came down to apologise personally, and a bunch of Catholic attendees invited us to dinner…and they invited the moderator, too.

    • Thanks for your encouragement, Andrew. My husband and I have attended a couple of the Family Life conferences over the years. I felt like ours were well led but there really isn’t a lot of hands on instruction or coming alongside to show and practice skills at those conferences or others we’ve attended as well. That’s where the rubber meets the road. There are so many couples that we work with beyond our conferences and we see this same issue. They need to practice the skills with someone guiding them. It is like learning dance steps that are really, REALLY awkward! You end up tripping all over the place if you don’t have someone guiding you.

      And I’m glad that the moderator apologized to you! It sure does seem like they took their religion a bit too lightly! I hope they were more sensitive moving forward in that setting.

      Thanks for your engagement here, my friend! I do appreciate you!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful resource. My husband and I have been married for 41 years. There have been ups and downs, but keeping God at the center has been very steadying for us. Of course we fail sometimes, but God always forgives and helps us put things back into a proper perspective. It really is important to learn to communicate and empathize with each other, and I know we don’t always do it well, but we are still working at it. Blessings to you! I’m visiting from #SpiritualSundays!

    • Thanks so much, Gayl! Wow, 41 years is quite the accomplishment! And I agree wholeheartedly about keeping God at the center is really what keeps us encouraged and growing closer in our marriages. Thanks so much for coming by, watching and encouraging me and my hubby, my friend!

  3. Beth and Gary … you KNOW I am excited about this expanded ministry … having spent time with the two of you, I am positive that your interactions with others are going to be authentic, wise … and lots of fun! I wish you the best in this endeavor, knowing how badly it’s needed.

    And I’m going to be listing you as one of my suggested resources in this month’s marriage mini-series. With great pleasure!

    • Aww, you have been and continue to be my and “our” biggest cheerleader, Linda! I’m grateful that we got that face-to-face meeting with you and Tim as well as Sheila and Michael. That was a cherished memory for me and I hope to see you in person again sometime. Thanks for listing me as one of your resources this month too. I am so excited about your mini-marriage series, my friend! In fact, I’m hoping over there after I respond to a few more comments. 🙂

  4. I love this! How wonderful that the two of you are doing ministry as well as life together. You both have so much insight to share with all of us. Beth-you continue to teach me weak after week about relationships and having Gary by your side for your marriage workshops is the perfect way to show others in real life what it all looks like. Congrats and good luck as you continue to expand and follow God’s leading in this new(er) ministry.

    • Thanks so much for you sweet words, Mary. I feel so blessed to have you as a bloggy friend and supporter. We are super excited to get the word out about our joint marriage workshop venture. God has had it on our hearts for quite some time but now the pieces are starting to come together. Thank you for encouraging me and Gary, my friend! It means so much!

  5. Love it Beth. Congratulations. You both look great and talk clearly. I like your hubby’s accent! The link to your other blog should open in another window or one can’t get back to your blog quickly. It’s exciting to see where God is leading both of you. I have been married coming up on 45 years.

    • Thank you, Janis. It’s funny that you should notice Gary’s accent. I don’t hear it much at all these days. But then you are from Canada, so I’m sure his Knoxville, Tennessee accent sticks out like a sore thumb to you! You should hear his mom talk! She’s quite the southern belle! I fixed that link issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. And 45 years, Janis! Wow! You are an inspiration!

  6. That’s SUPER exciting!!!! Congratulations! I love the homey feeling of the video. It allows the viewer to feel as if you are going to have a conversation with them and really get to know them. Verses a feeling of you teaching them because you know more kind of approach if you were to stand behind a podium or stage, etc. One thing I would recommend is that they way you both are sitting you have your arms crossed, a closed body position, which most people decode as snobby, reserved, detached, etc. Not exactly sure on what to recommend for sitting at a table that wouldn’t look akward. But open body position often would be legs not crossed, hands to side, even hands opened or facing up, etc. Hope that helps! I’m only in Tulsa, so keep me in mind if you want to travel some but not too far for a workshop!

    • Thank you so much, Cassie! I appreciate your encouragement. And Gary and I are nothing if not homey! 😉 Good description of us. I thought about the arms crossed being sort of “off-putting” too, but didn’t like the lighting in our livingroom where we wouldn’t have the table in front of us. Thanks for the observations and tips, my friend! And we are open to traveling in 2017. We’ve just got our schedule booked up for traveling out of state for this year. We will be doing something in Knoxville, Louisville, and possibly West Pueblo, Colorado this year. So local is all the time we have available. So keep us in mind if your church might want someone in 2017! Thanks for coming by, my friend!

  7. Beth, I love the idea of de-messing! 🙂 Congratulations on this new adventure and praying that many many marriages are helped and transformed for His glory!

    • Yes, Gary has a way with words, doesn’t he? Thank you for your encouragement, Ngina! I appreciate you and your continued friendship and support!