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  • Hi Beth,

    I’m helping Lori Byerly with the CMBA newsletter. One of our features is to highlight a CMBA member for each issue. I was wondering if you would be interested in letting us highlight you for one of our upcoming issues.

    I have a virtual interview I can send you. Or, if you prefer, I’m happy to have an actual conversation by phone, with you talking and me taking notes.

    Let me know if you are willing to do this. You can reach me at


    • I’d be honored to do that, Chris! I’m open to whichever way you’d like to do the interview. Just let me know your preference and, once again, thanks so much for this invitation to highlight Messy Marriage at CMBA. 🙂

      • Will you please point me to your email address? I haven’t been doing so well finding email addresses on blogs recently. Thanks!

  • Never mind. I see it now, right there at the top of this very page. I will send you an email in the morning. 🙂

  • farmgirl

    Why does marriage sometime have to be so painful? I have been married for 34 years, there are times when our marriage is really great, however, most of the time it’s bad. My husband can be verbally abusive and it’s so frustrating. I told him that I believe he is abusive. Then he acts like a child and pouts. Right now I don’t even want to be around him, close to him, etc. I pray for him, I am a Christian, have been for many years. He is not. That makes more stress within the marriage. Any words of encouragement?

    • I’m not sure I can give you the kind of encouragement here, my friend, that would be of much help. I’d like to invite you to email me at my email address mentioned above and give me a more detailed picture of your situation. I occasionally correspond with certain people needing more than what the blog can provide. I’d love to connect with you in that way if you’re interested, so please send me a note and we can continue the conversation there.

  • Laura Bayird

    A couple of years ago I pinned a blog posting from this site about how to support a depressed spouse. I had a baby last year and have been suffering from post partum. I did get the necessary help and things got better for a bit, but then I got pregnant again and can no longer take the medicine. I was going to share that blog posting with my husband again, but now I can’t find it. Any suggestions on new postings you have around the same topic?