Feel like God Doesn’t Hear You?

Recently I’ve been reading through some of my old journals from many years ago and there was one story that really stood out—that seemed to tell not just a story of my life, but a story of how faithful God is.

4105 North BR 2nd fl. west closetAt the time of the writing, my husband and I were going through a painful trial in a church where my husband was pastor. During those dark days, I found great comfort in praying in my closet, because it was a dark, quiet place where I felt I could shut out the demands of “my world” if only for an hour. My routine was to pray in my closet when my son was taking his nap.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal about that experience:

“I was praying in my closet today. I had the door cracked just a little so I could see out, but I had the closet light off so no one could see in. I began to pray and pour out my heart as well as my tears before the Lord. My questions to Him were, ‘Where are you, Lord? Are you working? Are we all alone in this? Will you deliver us?’ Just as I was in the middle of that excruciating time, I heard my little two-year-old son come into my room. He had just awakened from his nap and was carrying two big books under his arm. When he came into the bedroom and saw that I wasn’t there, he dropped his books and began to cry in despair. Then he ran from the room, frantically looking for me.”

My son felt abandoned and alone.

I sat watching this entire scene unfolding before me like a metaphor for my life—like a life-sized message straight from God to me. He was reminding me that just as I would show myself to my son and ease his loneliness and fears, He was there with me too. Maybe I couldn’t see Him with my physical eyes, but I could trust with my heart that He was with me—loving me and helping me.

Whatever you’re facing right now in life or in a messy marriage, remember that God is with you too. You may feel like you’re in the dark, all alone. You may feel as if God doesn’t see you and your situation or hear you and your prayers. But, rest assured …

He is there—close to you, loving you—and actively answering your prayers, even though you may not see that answer right now.

What situation in your life do you feel alone in and impatient to see God’s answer?

How has God shown you His love and care in the dark, messy times of your past?

How can I pray for you now? …

Please let me know, because I take prayer very seriously! If you ask me to pray for you, rest assured that I will!

“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry …The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” —Psalm 34:15, 17-18 (NIV)

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  1. Love this story, Beth. What a wonderful analogy for the trial you were going through and for each of us. I’ve often felt like God was absent when I’ve been struggling with something. And I haven’t always felt His presence during those times even when I spent time in prayer. That’s when faith drives us through. Even when we don’t “feel” His presence, He’s there.

  2. OutnumberedMom says:

    His presence was never so strong for me as at the time when I was spent, helpless. I needed Him; I’d reached the end of myself. I could do nothing but hold on to Him. Oddly enough, that’s a sweet memory.

  3. I really love this, thank you for sharing your story.

  4. This is such a great analogy, Beth. Just because we don’t “see” God, doesn’t mean he’s not with us every step of the way. And just because we don’t necessarily “hear” him all the time, it doesn’t mean he’s not consistently communicating his love with us. Thanks for sharing, friend. Good as always!

  5. Good morning, my friend ~ I love that you’re offering to pray for those who gather in this space. It’s a rare gift, a sweet grace, a holy offering …

  6. Kim Adams Morgan says:

    I also use the closet to pray, Beth. I love that God provided you with the visual (when your son couldn’t find you) that He is with you, even when you cannot see Him. So comforting. Kim

  7. Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy says:

    Thank you, Beth. I am greatly in need of encouragement today. My mother is in the hospital and her health is not good. I’m alarmed by the turn of events in her situation.

  8. Thanks for your encouraging words, Gail. Yes, it is faith that drives us through and God’s Spirit interceding for us. He helps us in so many ways that we don’t see or often feel, but is sure and true. 🙂

  9. Yes, Laura Lee, I’m nodding my head in agreement because I know those times well, my friend. He has ministered to me so sweetly in the bitterest of moments and yet they are the sweetest. He is quite the Redeemer, isn’t He? Thanks for stopping by and flashing your sweet smile!

  10. Thanks for your kind words, Rachel. I appreciate them, my friend!

  11. It really lifted my spirits that day to realize His constant care and faithfulness, Lisa. And thankfully, God did deliver us in that ministry situation. But His deliverance never ends–it is fresh and powerful each day! I’m just so glad He is in control! Thanks for coming by and lifting my spirits as well, my friend!

  12. Yes, I have a high value of prayer–I’ve seen too many answered to not tap into God’s power in that way, Linda. I’m certain you’ve seen God at work through your prayers too. I just hope that there will be those who will take me up on this. I am quite the skilled prayer warrior, even if I do say so myself! Ha! But it’s all been “taught” to me though through Christ’s kindness. 🙂

  13. Thanks for your sweet comment, Kim. The prayer closet really can be a safe haven! I’m not sure if you have a blog, but if you do, please let me know where I can find it so I can visit! Good to meet you!

  14. I’m so sorry to hear that, Gaye. I have just lifted her up in my prayers–and you too. I’m praying you feel Christ’s comforting embrace almost as if He were right here with you–because He really is. 🙂 Hugs to you, my friend!

  15. Love this illustration, Beth! And thanks for the reminder that GOD IS HERE! Please pray for me in parenting… Having a tension triad with myself, my husband, and my child. While my husband and I agree on the destination but I’m not comfortable with the method of travel. But it is hard to bring up a concern when I don’t know a clear solution. My instinct is to keep my baby a baby forever. I appreciate your prayers.

  16. What a comforting parallel, Beth. Thank you for sharing it. My husband and I recently got a big “no” from God when we were praying for a yes, but we’re trusting him with it. He always knows what we don’t and sees what we can’t see. Thanks for the reminder that God is watching and caring for us even when he seems, from our perspective, to be disinterested. I’m re-learning to trust him in the waiting. Blessings, my friend!

  17. Rachael DeBruin says:

    Awesome reminder Beth. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  18. Wow, Beth what a beautiful picture and illustration. God truly knows how to speak our language and meet at us at the point of need.
    I’ve had a semi-anxious weekend, looking at and thinking about some needs before us. I do hear God asking me to get my hands off the plate and to trust Him. I think sometimes we want God to move in a certain way, and that’s what brings the anxiety. God’s been reminding that He knows the situation, has known it long before we did and He’ll make all things good in His time and His way!
    Thanks for this reminder today.

  19. I will definitely pray for you in this “triad” situation, Kimberly. I have those same “triad” situations with Gary at times. Why is it that as moms we try to protect so much more than our hubs? I guess it can be a good thing sometimes, but it sounds like we’re both dealing with learning to let our kids grow up. Ugh! It just hurts, doesn’t it?! I will pray, my friend! Thanks for asking me to help you in this way–it’s an honor!

  20. Ahh, I’m so sorry, Becky. The “no’s” are the hardest! But I also know that some of the “no’s” we’ve gotten in the past have protected us, just as you mentioned here. I’ll definitely pray that you feel God’s peace in this situation as well as His comfort that He’s going to bless in big ways in the days ahead. 🙂

  21. Thanks so much, Rachel! I appreciate you coming by and encouraging me. 🙂

  22. Yes, He really did meet me at my point of need. He always does, although not always as obviously. I’m so glad I wrote about it in my journal so that I can remember that special moment over and over.

    I’ll definitely pray for you and the anxiety you’re feeling in this situation. I’ll pray that God calms your fears and provides for all of your needs, my friend. You’re right, He knew about this situation long before you were born and has a plan perfect for you!

  23. rboerner says:

    I have had so many times in my life when I’ve questioned if God was there and if He was going to answer. He has proven time and time again that He has not left me. I’m at a point in my life where I believe and know that He is with me. I love the song that says “it feels like chaos but somehow there’s peace”. Thank you for your continued prayers. They are a blessing in my life!

  24. Thanks for sharing this Beth.

  25. Gaye @ CalmHealthySexy says:

    Thanks so much, Beth.

  26. Heather C. says:

    Lovely post.

  27. I don’t doubt that God is there with me either, Becky. I just sometimes doubt that the bad things in life are always for my good. This was an encouraging story that reminded me of God’s good purposes even when things feel like they are spiraling out of control. Thanks for “your” continued prayers and enjoy that Colorado sunshine and altitude, sweet friend!

  28. Thanks for coming by and saying, Scott! Thanks also for linking up!

  29. Thanks so much, Heather. I appreciate your continued support here!

  30. Whoops! I had my latest post in mind when I replied to you on this! I guess I shouldn’t be doing this so late at night! I’m ready for bed! ha!

  31. Sometimes I shout. Sometimes I whisper. But He always hears and answers.

    Posted our momma notes tonight. A day late. But it works. So hoping you can come and join. Share your words. your encouragement. your anything mom.

    Just moms. Sharing our notes. Creating a melody.


  32. Hi Beth,
    Thanks for sharing this message, it is very encouraging. I do happen to have a prayer request. I had an argument with a friend a while back and since then I’ve tried to patch things up, but I haven’t heard from him. Please pray for my friendship it deeply matters to me.