Love me warts and all? Video

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Today we’re continuing in our video series on the sloppy expectations we all have in marriage. Check this one out to see what Christ’s love and acceptance should look like …



What false ideas did you feel were “Christ-like attitudes or behaviors” that you imposed on your spouse?


What do you think balancing Christ’s truth and love should look like? 


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  1. I just love these videos, Beth! What a way to finish off the weekend. Your sense of humor right in the middle of some really serious truths being put on the table? Priceless, friend. Priceless.

    And the matching shirt and mug? Come on! Just too fun!

    Love what God is doing through you …



    • Aww, Linda! You are too kind to me, my friend! Your words so encourage me and believe me, I’m always ready to receive a few “at-a-girls” in this challenging part of blogging and sharing my story. I have to say that I’m enjoying learning something new by stretching my blogging muscles lately. Sometimes God brings something painful (literally, like my sore shoulder and arm!) to force me into territories that I am unfamiliar with and feel inadequate to do. I need to remember that on a broader basis too. As believers it’s great to know that God uses all the pain in our lives for His divine and perfect purposes. Hugs to you, my sweet friend! I do hope you are doing well, pulling back a bit from the blogging thing. You’re on my daily prayer list, so I think of you often!

  2. You make such a valid point, Beth. I don’t want to just be “tolerated” myself; why would my husband? Sometimes we can do some ignorant things in the name of Christianity, when Christ invites us to just love all out.

    • Yes, we do, Lisa. I think God must shake His head at all our crazy notions. And I’m so glad He doesn’t leave us to our own devices! Thanks for coming by to watch again, my friend. It’s much appreciated!

  3. Beth, this is great. This is the very issue that FINALLY drove me to pursue emotional health. I was a “nice girl” who avoided conflict at all costs…. married to a “tough guy” who was controlling. So you can picture our dance, our very dysfunctional dance.
    My redemption was to learn to speak the truth in love and not be afraid of the consequences. I grew up in a family where opening my mouth was “sass” and was punished. I carried that “stuffing my words” into adulthood, I am sorry to say. To my delight and amazement, the sky did not fall when I began to use my voice. My husband still loved me, in fact he began to grow up, too.
    I came to realize that my hiding behind being “nice” was my way of self-protecting. I could trust God to deal with the consequences of using my voice and speaking the truth in love. What a revelation. Life changing. I am finally growing up.

    • I really resonated with so much of what you shared, Sharon! Are you my long lost sister? Well, in our Lord, you are! I’m so grateful that you “found your voice”–learning to be both authentic and loving in your marriage–like I did. Thanks so much for stopping by, sharing openly and encouraging me in this new extension of my blogging. 🙂

  4. This is lovely! Reading is good, but listening to the living word can be very challenging. (and vice versa: many of the things I’ve written I don’t know if I say out loud).

    A fine put-down of “tolerance” 😀


    • Thanks for coming by, David. Yes, sometimes hearing something makes it more real and I hope helps people to relate to my message more. Your encouragement means a lot to me and I hope you are doing well. There’s a book that I’d like to recommend to you. I’ll email you soon, so be watching for it!