My Lazy Ways in Marriage

My husband would never accuse me of being a couch potato, but when it comes to my marriage, sometimes I can be a little lazy. I guess that’s because of the “Law of Lock-Down.” Never heard of it? Well, it’s when you have “locked-down” your mate in the bonds of holy matrimony and you never […]

What To Do When Your Attitude Stinks

Your spouse has been crabby for several days now. You know something is brewing, but when you press for what “it” is, you only get your head bit off for asking. Eventually, your spouse starts an argument. Let’s say that he blames you for some longstanding problem between the two of you. You cannot believe […]

One Marriage Attitude that Really Stinks!

Some marriage messes are like the stinky “land-mines” that litter my backyard. Of course, right now with the 12 inches of snow we got hit with a couple of weeks ago, there’s still plenty of snow remaining to showcase our dog’s “messes” in our backyard.  (And unfortunately, we’re getting dumped on again—by ice and snow, […]

Choosing to Fight

Written by: Stacey Micklevitz My husband Bryan is a faithful follower of the UFC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this fast-growing sport, UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship. When I witnessed my first fight on TV, I was nearly horrified. How can this be a sport? How can two men enter a locked […]

Two Ingredients of a Mess

What’s the main difference between someone who’s messy and someone who keeps his or her house in order? (Aside from those who can afford a housekeeper!) I think it’s that the organized or neat person is willing to face pain and do the hard work required to either avoid a mess or to clean it […]

I’m Merciful to Those Who Deserve It!

Ever feel like that? It might be among the top ten sentiments in a messy marriage. And it makes complete sense, when you’ve given your spouse chance after chance to redeem him or herself and all they’ve done is disappoint you. In the middle of a mess, it seems to be the only self-preserving thing […]

My Messy Upbringing

I come from a good, Christian family. My dad was a pastor and my mom was a devoted wife, mom and home-maker.  I think if I had to sum up our family in one word it would be commitment. But sometimes my family was committed to the wrong ways of dealing with life—even though it […]

Marriage Mistake #8 – Let My Spouse’s Bad Behavior Control Mine

The Mistaken Game My husband and I have had a game that we carried from our childhood into our marriage. No, we don’t play “Ken and Barbie” into all hours of the night, nor do we hold “who can belch the loudest?” contests either! You see, it’s the age old game of “Tit for Tat.” […]

This is the Stuff . . .

I’ve heard a song on the radio lately that I think captures the essence of what many messy marrieds struggle with everyday. Often it’s not the big problems that get us into a mess, but the little irritations that multiply and grow. The song is so new that there isn’t a full-fledged video, but I […]

Are You Wonder Wife or Super Hubby?

I don’t think many people will debate me on this, but I really think that there are about as many neat freaks in the world as there are slobs. However, I have another theory that many might not agree with so easily. I don’t think we can apply that principle to messiness in marriage. In […]