Simple Date #2 – People Watching

In the winter, it’s easy to let dating our spouses go by the wayside. But in this Simple Date Idea # 2—where you go “People Watching”—you can do this in the warmth of a mall or grocery store, as well as combining an errand with dating your mate.

Now, that might seem like an awful idea—combining a “task” with a recreational activity—but sometimes it comes down to that, friends! Sometimes we simply don’t have the time to do our errands, as well as getting a date on the calendar every week or so. Am I right?? 😉

Date - People Watching

Besides, . . .

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Here’s how to complete this Top-Secret Mission Game while you’re shopping . . .

Step One: Your “orders” are to walk throughout the store/mall with your spouse, while each of you spies-out an interesting or unique looking shopper(s).

Step Two: When you zero in on a person(s), say “I’ve got a TA in sight!” (military terminology for: target acquisition). Then tell your spouse what that person(s) story might be. Remember, the more outlandish and/or funny the better!

Step Three: Let your spouse take a turn at creating a story about another shopper in your path. This story can be one that hops on your mate’s first story or goes in a completely new direction.

Keep on volleying these stories back and forth to each other all throughout your shopping journey. If you’re like me and my hubby, you might end up rolling in the aisles of Target or IKEA, and then other people will be wondering what “your story” is! 😉

There’s no score keeping in this game. But a friendly effort to top each other’s stories or to crack each other up the most is certainly encouraged.

Now if you’re really die-hard competitors, you could decide on who came up with the funniest or most outlandish stories—treating that winner spouse to dessert at the end of your errand-running effort. Either way, celebrate a “Mission Accomplished” in some fun and delicious way.

One word of caution on this game . . . make sure that the other shoppers you’re coming up with a story about do not overhear or know who you’re talking about. Be discreet and act like you’re spies who must keep your strategies top secret! If others are left wondering why you’re laughing so hard, it should only be because they think you and your spouse are sharing a personal moment of hilarity between the beans and the broccoli.

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What’s a “Simple Date” idea you have that I could share with others in the future?


What did you do on your last date with your mate?


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  • Looks funny and fun Beth, it will sure give couples so many things to talk about. Thanks for sharing this fun idea with us. Have a super blessed week ahead!

    • Yes, it will and does, Ugochi. And often when one spouse is more creative than the other, it spurs ideas for the less creative spouse. But the funny side of it is the best part. It’s amazing how many wild and crazy stories can be discovered by some small detail we observe about others. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me, sweet friend! Always good to see your face over at my place. 🙂

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    What a neat idea!

    I’d like to add to the caution, if I may. It’s best to always do this from a fixed place (food court, or whatever); never, ever follow someone. There are a lot of people out there who had very ‘vivid’ experiences in life, and who are both very situationally aware and hypervigilant and will not hesitate to proactively deal with a perceived threat to themselves of their family.

    • Thanks, Andrew. Yes, you don’t want to come across like you’re stalking anyone! I’d also say it’s better to find someone who is well out of earshot. Thanks for adding another thought to the process, my friend! And thanks for stopping by to encourage me!

  • wow, you are creative, Beth!

    and I do love people-watching …

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