Simple Date #4 – Movie Night Bedside

It’s often next to impossible to go on a date to the movies with your spouse when you don’t have enough money for expensive box office tickets, and/or you have small children with no reliable babysitter. Sometimes, you might even have a spouse who doesn’t like to go out in a public arena for various reasons.

But with Simple Date Idea #4, you can avoid these pitfalls by making it movie night bedside .  .  . or sofaside, if you so desire!

Movie Date
Before the big night, be sure to . . .

  • Have enough popcorn and desired beverages on hand
  • Get the kiddos quietly and safely tucked in their beds
  • Have a DVD or show queued on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. that both you and your spouse would like to watch

Then get the show started!

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Now, don’t get me wrong! I’m not knocking dates that include a lot planning or investment. Those are great to do once in a while for special times and events.

But often, those kinds of dates, can become a burden for whomever is planning them, especially if it falls to one particular spouse time after time.

My husband and I love to go to the movies, but now that we have Netflix and Amazon Prime, we’ve been enjoying more movies and shows at home—bedside.

The last two movies we watched together were: “Eye on the Sky” and “Interstellar.” Eye on the Sky was good and suspenseful, but a little too intense for me; and Interstellar was more interesting to me, but we both felt like the plot was a bit too complex and perhaps implausible.

With that said, movies serve as a great basis for conversation—reviewing afterwards the things you liked or didn’t like, believed or didn’t believe, and why.


What was the last movie that you saw with your mate and what did you both think?


What are the pitfalls you face in trying to make this kind of simple date happen?


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  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    What a great idea, Beth. Really a lot more fun that going to an overpriced cinema!

    Barbara and I do watch movies together, and I listen to her thoughts on them. Talking’s difficult for me, and more than a few words get very physically uncomfortable.

    Also, as our lives have diverged (she is very much in the world, and I’m almost completely isolated) I’ve noticed a definite paradigm shift that would make me reluctant to say much in any event. We see things through lenses that have different focal points, and often the image is incompatible. Best, under the circumstances, for one to simply listen, and to use that time to gain in understanding of the person.

  • Now that our kids are older we can easily get away but neither of us really wants to spend the money on the extras, but once in awhile we make the effort to do something special and we appreciate it so much more. I didn’t always feel that way when the kids were little, because I just wanted to get out of the house, ya know?:)

    We have found that for us sometimes just getting out and going for a walk together is a perfect date. We both love to be outside, we get to be together, and we don’t have to talk if we don’t want to.

    The last movie we watched was, ‘Heart of the Sea’ and we both liked it. I am a huge Herman Melville fan, so I could pull from the nuances inflected in the movie. My hubby is not so much of a Melville follower so he just enjoyed the movie. It usually works that way for us.

    Great ideas!

  • We do this all the time, and just did last night. It is one of my favorite dates with my hubby, especially since we are on opposite schedules and don’t have a lot of time together anyway.