Simple Date Idea #6 – Go for a Hike

Now that the temperatures are beginning to improve and the flowers are starting to bloom, you and your spouse should take advantage of this by going for a hike! This simple date idea, like so many others I’ve shared about, will cost you nothing but a few calories and little wear and tear on your hiking shoes. 😉

Hiking Date

My husband and I love to hike. We are blessed to live in a community with several parks, as well as many hiking/biking trails. We also can cross the Mississippi River and find many more trails and parks to hike in over in St. Louis county and beyond. These are all well within a quick drive for us.

I don’t know if hiking trails are as convenient to where you live or not, but I’ve yet to visit a city or town that doesn’t have some picturesque area within driving distance where you can find trails to hike. In fact, the picture above is not one in our community. We hiked Malibu Creek State Park while visiting with our youngest son who lives in LA.

Hiking this state park was so much fun for us, even when I crossed the creek over branches and rocks, only to lose my sunglasses to the creek below! Eh, they were only a cheap $5 pair anyway! Small price to pay for some incredible memories! 😉

Now remember . .

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All you have to do is don your hiking shoes and perhaps bring along a picnic lunch and you’ll be all set!

Also, there’s just something about walking side-by-side with your “guy” that helps him to open up. I firmly believe that men open up better when doing a task—like hiking—alongside their wives. I guess it’s less intimidating than face-to-face communications and keeps a man’s mind energized as he hikes along.

I’m including some other photos that we’ve taken while on hiking trails over the years. Many of these are from our vacations, but some are local hikes as well.

Walk Date

Walking on some trails in our hometown of Edwardsville

Hike Date 2

Hiking on Devil’s Lake trails in Wisconsin


What are some fun places that you and your spouse have hiked?


What is a simple date idea you could add to the growing list I’ve been providing?


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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    This is such a great idea, Beth!

    Urban hiking can also be fun; when attending a conference in San Francisco, Barb and I took the BART and MUNI to the end of the line at Golden Gate Park, and returned to our hotel on foot. We saw a lot of the city that we otherwise would have missed, including a really weird and huge 1960s church.

  2. bluecottonmemory says:

    We’ve started hiking together again – without the kids. We, too, have some pretty sweet parks all around us – with gorgeous waterfalls, too! I’ve become such a homebody in the last year, that I’ve really started working on stirring myself up and getting out – so more fun, creative date times are in the works – the simplest ones are the best – like hiking!

  3. Definitely. Out of the house, out of the town, away from all the noise. I would only add to either pack a large amount of decent food or make sure there is a decent eaterie at a strategic position along the route.