If you don’t already know me from my blog, then I hope you’ll get to know me up close and personal by booking me as your next women’s or marriage speaker.

I’m a part of the Christian Women Speaker’s network (where you can find my profile on that site here). I’m almost as old as dirt, so that means I know an awful lot about marriage, parenting and life. So I hope you’ll consider tapping into that age-old wisdom I can bring to speak to your next women’s event.

Don’t overlook the fact that my pastor/hubby and I conduct marriage workshops through our ministry, Connect U.” You can read more about that down below.

Here are some of the topics that I speak on (I can also speak on a topic of your choosing) . . .

My Fair Lady
Very often we struggle with a “life must be fair” mentality, so I share some biblical truths and personal insights that have helped me to overcome that discouraging mindset.

Extreme Make-Under
Speaking from personal experience, I share how to discover the blessings that come with living humbly and authentically in a Kardashian-obsessed world.

Can I Have a Patch for That?
Pulling from my expertise as a counselor and life-coach, I address how to overcome a bad habit or begin to deal a dreaded addiction. This covers everything from Starbucks to biting your nails to perfectionism to the addictions that ruin our families and lives.

Stressed or Blessed?
It’s easy to get stuck in the fast-lane of life, especially in young motherhood. With my many years of experience as a mom of three sons, I share the things that my husband and I learned to do that slowed our stressful pace and brought us closer as a couple and family.

Top 10 Mistakes I Made in My Marriage
Everyone has “dirty laundry” that they want to hide. But somehow I’ve learned that airing that dirty laundry from my 29 years of marriage has been, not only “cleansing” for me, but a funny, practical and inspiring way to open other wives’ eyes to the riches God hides in the messes and stains of life and marriage.

How to Study the Bible for all its Worth
If your women’s group is interested in, not only learning how to glean insights from Scripture, but how to live out those truths from God’s Word in times of trouble and temptation, then I’d be glad to introduce your group to my W.O.R.T.H.Y. acrostic Bible study method in this practical and powerful presentation.

Fall in Love with the “Bridegroom” so You can Fall in Love with Your Groom
Most wives tend to put way too much pressure on their husbands to act as a “savior” in their lives. I lived that way for the early part of my marriage and that’s why it was so messy back then. In this workshop, I  share how I learned to make Christ, my Bridegroom, and my Source of love and sense of worth. I’d love to provide those keys for your women’s group as well.

Taking Your Marriage Farther through the Fuel of Your Prayers
This seminar is all about how to pray for your marriage in a way that encourages you and deepens your bond in marriage. It really can be revolutionary in a woman’s life when approached in the right way and spirit.

Want to see me in action?

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Here’s more about the Marriage Workshops my husband Gary and I offer … 

Since my husband and I like things to be practical and relational, we provide many tools that will get you and your spouse stretching, not just in communication skills, but in your ability to empathize with and understand your mate. We provide moments to practice these skills in our workshops with your mate, as well as modeling them before you so you can get the right idea.

We have several options for workshops: from one night events to all-day events, or even a two-day events.

If you’d like to know more about our content, have other questions, or want to book a Connect U Marriage workshop at your church or event, please check out our Connect U website for more details or fill out the form below.





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