Super Mom Myth Review and Giveaway! Plus Linkup

Super Mom Myth 2I’m “super” excited to do a book review on my bloggy friend, Becky Kopitzke’s first book, The Super Mom Myth that launched recently. If you’ve never visited Becky’s blog, Time Out, you should do that immediately, if not sooner!

With humble humor, Becky intertwines the challenges of motherhood with powerful and practical lessons that God continually teaches her through her little ones. I’m always inspired and convicted when I visit her place. And her book is no different! I LOVED it!

Becky creatively takes eight wacky villains and one authentic superhero (can you guess who that is? 😉) and draws out biblical principles to combat the many challenges we as moms and wives face.

I loved how for each villain or troublesome attitude she provided biblical truth to combat it. But, believe me, she never does this in a boring or uninspiring way. It’s always done with a witty peek into the day-to-day of her life with her two sweet girls and her hunky hubby.

You will be laughing and seeing yourself in all of her real-life disclosures one moment and shaking your head with conviction and motivation to be the best mom and wife you can be the next!

Here are the eight villains Becky presents:

  1. The Grouch on the Couch
  2. Worry Woman
  3. Fence Hopper (who’s consumed with envy and comparison)
  4. Calendar Queen (who’s overscheduled and stressed)
  5. The Maid (who’s a neat-freak or too lazy to bother)
  6. Zombie Mommy (who’s exhausted)
  7. Weary Wife (who’s neglecting her hubby)
  8. Martyr Mom (who’s neglecting herself)

And the “Superhero” over all of these villains in our lives is, of course, Jesus!

Here’s a sampling of some of my favorite quotes from Super Mom Myth:

“Chances are our kids aren’t being naughty just to spite us. Foolishness is part of their condition. It’s normal.”

“Genuine apologies create an atmosphere of mutual grace, where kids and parents alike can feel free to make mistakes without condemnation.”

“The difference between a burden and a blessing is perspective. It’s a matter of training our eyes to detect joy in messy places.”

“Date night isn’t just for a husband and wife. Our children need it as much as we do.” (Now isn’t that a teaser to get you to read her book?!)

“All those triggers that conjure the villains—God says welcome them. Because they invite the very strength and presence of Jesus.”

“Parenting affords multiple opportunities day after day to do God’s work. It’s as simple as turning an ordinary moment into a teachable one.”

Becky has generously provided a free copy to me so that I can pass it along to one of you out there! All you have to do is comment on this post before noon (CST) on Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 and you’ll be entered to win! I’ll randomly select a winner at that time, although I think you ALL are winners! 😉

What are some of your biggest challenges as a wife or mother?


If you’re a man, what do you wish your wife would release control of in your marriage?

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  1. bluecottonmemory says:

    One of the biggest challenges as a mom and possibly a wife is to not over-react to the out-of-the-box mayhem. I’m a literalist, so I have to really wade my way through boy-communication:)

  2. Susan Burfoot Mead says:

    Oh how FUN to read!

  3. I am sure going to enjoy reading this, Beth.
    Interesting classification. ..

  4. Hannah Guillory says:

    Biggest challenge: separating my sense of success and failure from my children’s behavior! And that whole having my heart walk around outside my body bit. 🙂

  5. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Interesting change-of-pace post, Beth. I enjoyed it.

    I can maybe address something of this from a different perspective…’Iron Man’.

    I have enough knowledge to realize that what I do on a daily basis, under my peculiar set of circumstances, could be emulated by very, very few people, and most of those would be serving SF. Facing every day takes focus, ferocity, and ruthlessness, and some days I end up crawling…literally, like today…but always forward.

    People like to read about this. Living with it is something else, because there’s a leakage of attitude that says a couple of things –

    1) I don’;t care what happens to me, even if YOU do…I will get this done.

    2) And I may treat you with the same cold calculation with which I measure the worth of my own comfort.

    The fact is, that no wants a ‘super’ – anything, not close up. The paradigm is an example of Christianity gone sideways, in which the appearance of steadfastness and, God help me, ‘holiness’ completely obliterate compassion…including compassion toward oneself, which is part o the Great Commandment (as in, ‘love thy neighbour AS thyself’).

    Iron Man is the quick road to a dreadful loneliness, and so may be ‘Supermom’.

  6. Eva Bridges says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  7. Deborah Will says:

    That looks like a fun book. Challenges as a Mom – juggling all the things we do – working outside the home, working inside the home, carpooling getting to games, parties, and church activities. As a wife it can sometimes be difficult giving the quality time to our hubbies as we tend to a home and kids.

  8. Oh my goodness! This book sounds wonderful! I know I can relate to everyone of those villains which are past or present. Thank you for the review and the lovely giveaway. This is a book that will go on my to read list.

  9. Well, Becky .. where were you about 35 years ago or so?


  10. My biggest challenge as a wife and mother is giving my family (especially my husband) the best of me. There are times when I treat them worse than I would anyone outside of the home because I am just tired or stressed. I really want my husband to love coming home to me, not feel like he has to walk on eggshells.

  11. Yes, I would appreciate winning a copy of this book. thx

  12. Beth, I think the challenge for me as a wife is to always be sure at the end of the day to have made time for my husband. The day can get so busy and leave me depleted. He truly deserves my full attention too. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  13. Beth, that sounds like a good book that I should have read a few years back. I am always blessed when I stop over to your blog. Thanks for providing the linkup. Have a wonderful week my friend.

  14. Beth, I like the quote: “Chances are our kids aren’t being naughty just to spite us. Foolishness is part of their condition. It’s normal.” I think that goes for the big people in our lives too! Have a great week!

  15. Pam Ecrement says:

    Hi Beth! This sounds like a great book! The review has made me interested to read more. Thanks so much!

  16. Sara Reid says:

    I have lots of challenges . . . Worry, anger, envy . . . This sounds like a great book!

  17. Sounds like a great read…true to life. My biggest struggle with being a mom and a wife is balancing life. Work schedules, keeping the house presentable, making sure my only child doesn’t waste his life away on electronics, meeting some of my hubbys manly needs, and the list goes on. And not feeling GUILT during this whole crazy process. I love adding humor to my life so this book sounds like it is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing

  18. Hmmm…children need parents to take a date night? This I’ve got to read!😀 Great sneak peek of this book!

  19. Erika Brynildsen says:

    My biggest challenges are definitely patience and letting my husband do things his way and not mine!

  20. One of my biggest challenges as a mom is letting go of expectations for my day and enjoying the craziness and joy of my kids 🙂

  21. Hi Beth! This book sounds like just the right dose of truth and humor! I will have to get a copy!! Thank you as always for providing this link-up and for being such a blessing!

  22. I think my biggest challenge at this phase of my life is trying to control everything around me. I have good intentions, but I exhaust myself and those around me.

  23. Becky Gregory says:

    My biggest challenges are living in the moment and having patience. The quote from the book, “Chances are our kids aren’t being naughty just to spite us. Foolishness is part of their condition. It’s normal.” really hit home. I need to remember that in times of high stress with them because it can sure feel like they’re just out to get us sometimes! Thanks for the giveaway Beth and Becky! (Which is my sister and my names so I especially like this😉)


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