Feeling Broken by Your Offender?

When our hearts are broken by the sins of our offender—especially over and over—we typically want to do two things … 1. Hurt our offender the way they’ve hurt us. We might say this is simply to teach them a lesson—so they won’t hurt us or others again. Maybe there’s a grain of truth in […]

The Pursuit of Perspective

We’re continuing in our forgiveness series today, moving from my last post, “How to Grieve Offenses” to examining our misperceptions and seeking the perspective that only Christ can bring. Bear in mind that we’re still dealing with expressing our hurt to God alone. The need to set boundaries with your offender is certainly necessary, but […]

How to Grieve Offenses

When someone offends, hurts or victimizes us, we experience loss and pain, and our emotions need God’s “good grief” to heal that wound. The reason it is “good grief” is because God meets us at our point of need. He brings comfort like only He can and begins the process of redeeming any harm done […]

3 Reasons Grief is Necessary to Forgiveness

I recently wrote about how the first step in forgiving another is acknowledging the sin that’s been committed against us. You can read that post here. The second step in the forgiveness process goes deeper than acknowledging to grieving the offense. Ironically, many of us don’t really know how to grieve, nor do we understand […]

Where Forgiveness Must Begin

If we use Christ as our ultimate example of forgiveness, then we know that not only was He profoundly merciful and forgiving, but He’s also completely truthful in that forgiveness. In fact, our faith in Him is ignited by Christ’s truth, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Jn. 8:32 […]

What ForGIVEness Gives Us

I’m going to be writing on the subject of forgiveness in the days and weeks ahead and today I want to kick this off where God is getting my attention … at the “Paradox Principle.” I’ve been reading through the gospel of Luke and there are SO many powerful passages about forgiveness there. Just today […]

Where are You Broken?

Being willing to look at where you are broken can be a scary and intimidating task. But it can also be the key to unlocking your spouse’s heart and the marriage gridlock you’ve been facing. I know, because it wasn’t until I really took a serious look at my heart that I was able to […]