The Best Marriage Book Ever

I love marriage books and have read my fair share of them over the years. They encourage me and challenge me in so many ways. They open my eyes and guide my choices into better directions. But the absolute BEST marriage book I’ve come across and continue to come back to is God’s word, the BIBLE!


I sure hope you’re not rolling your eyes at that statement. 😉

I’m living proof that the Bible has the power to heal my heart and marriage. Every marriage book I’ve read has helped me, but none of them have healed me like the Bible.

I’ve found that the Bible brings healing that’s like a deep well of marriage medicine that soothes the achiest heart and redeems the messiest of marriages.

But you can’t discover this healing unless you give yourself to the consistent study of God’s Word.

That’s where my step-by-step approach to Bible study comes into play. It carries you from the process of observation to ongoing application, resulting in life and marriage-transformation!

Watch the video below, if you’d like to see what’s involved in the Worthy” method. 🙂



If you’d like to try out the “Worthy” method by participating in a study of 2 Samuel with a private Facebook group I’m currently forming, please let me know!

I’d love to have you, but be aware that the group begins soon Oct 2, 2016. See more details about this free and exciting opportunity here!

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  1. Beth, I’ve never heard of the “worthy” method but how wonderful! I’m already participating in an Ephesians study, so I’m sorry I can’t join another right now, but I’m going to be using these principles. This makes working through just a few scriptures at a time so much more richer and meaningful. Blessings on your study!

    • No problem, Crystal. I just hope to gain friends who are not already involved in their own studies. I’m glad to hear that you’re plugged in somewhere and Ephesians is a great book to study! Thanks for watching the video and encouraging me, my friend.

  2. Amen. Information is one thing. Healing’s a whole other ball game. What a beautiful testimony to the power of God’s Word reaching into this most important relationship. Thanks, Beth …

    • Yes, indeed, Linda! Of course, you can’t take the Bible band-aid approach–just to be clear. That’s what has blessed me so much with this method. It goes in deep into my heart and mind–radically challenging me in my marriage and life. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me, my friend. And thank you for your prayers concerning my health issues. Lifting you up as well!

  3. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Looks like a good method – and I agree, the Bible is indeed the best marriage/relationship/citizenship book around.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Andrew. And I’m glad we agree on this important point. I know how God has gotten you through so much in your life and marriage. It’s evident in your writing and compassionate heart, my friend.

  4. Beth, I couldn’t agree more that the Bible should be our go-to book for marriage maintenance. If we obey the commands of God (particularly the one-another’s) we’re off to a good start. And then there’s the wonderful togetherness of reading Truth together!

  5. There truly is no better teacher than the Lord.

  6. Hi Beth 🙂 I hadn’t heard of the Worthy method before but it looks really good! I’m thinking about joining you for your study … I just have to be careful I am not adding something in that I just won’t be able to complete well! Thanks, friend, for the beautiful hope you share at #MomentsofHope!
    Blessings and smiles,