I’m Beth Steffaniak and my story is not what you might expect from a pastor’s wife and marriage and family counselor. I came into marriage with many emotional wounds and unhealthy patterns that left mess after mess in my wake. Thankfully, that’s not where the story ends! Click on this link: “Beth’s Story” to read […]


Who I Am and Am Becoming

Me at 4 – wish I could keep that kind of childlike joy in my adulthood Today on Marriage Monday we have been asked to complete the following prompts … I am … always failing forward—learning from my mistakes, most of the time! I want … to come alongside couples, women in particular, to help […]

Making a Bigger, Better Mess

Today I’m linking up with Faith Barista.   Bonnie Gray posed the question to fellow bloggers: “What is something new God is asking you to step out in?” At first, I hesitated to write what first came to my mind. In fact, the question seemed rather ironic to me because just this week I am […]

The Sign is Telling Me that I Need a Winter’s Thaw

I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but there’s a big thaw going on around here this week. Today it reached up to 65 degrees, even though I still feel like my bones are not thawing as quickly as the snow and ice are!  Another part of my body that isn’t thawing out […]

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