How to Break-through Marriage Barriers

There’s nothing I love more in the summer than taking in a good movie with my hubby. Recently we went to one that’s worth mentioning for more than one reason. We went to see the movie, 42 that tells the story of how Jackie Robinson broke the race barrier in professional baseball. It’s inspiring—gut wrenchingly […]

5 Lies about Conflict

  I’ve never really liked conflict. But I’ve also embraced certain lies about conflict in my past that have colored the way I feel about conflict. Now that God has revealed the truth to me about these lies, I have a better understanding about conflict. Allow me to share 5 Lies about Conflict … 1.  […]

The Perfectionist Spouse

  Do you ever feel like you can never satisfy your spouse?  Do you get into arguments over who’s right or how something should be done?  Do you sometimes feel like you’re in competition with your spouse? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then you might be married to or be “the […]

Making the Hard Choices

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged about my daily tendency to repeat certain sins. I often let pride, fear and selfishness reign instead of reaching out for and clinging to God. I’ve noticed it in the smallest of details in my day. Not just choosing wrong actions, but dwelling on sinful thoughts like they’re a melting […]

4 Easy Steps to Clarify Conflict

Today I want to share a simple 4 step plan that I refer to for perspective after I’ve just had a conflict with my husband or someone else. Although it has come in handy with others that I’ve been in conflict with, it gets used most often with my hubby, since he’s, unfortunately, my prime […]

Do You Have a "Wait" Problem?

Yeah, it’s a new year and we’re all trying to get rid of those pesky pounds we’ve put on over the holidays, but that’s not the “wait” problem I’m talking about today. No, I’m talking about my inability to trust God when I don’t have the answers that I think I should. And believe me, […]

When Your Spouse Refuses to Work on the Marriage

by tizoultro There are times when dealing with a spouse who refuses to work on your marriage can feel overwhelming, hopeless, and even paralyzing. It’s easy to feel like giving up or to believe that you have no way to improve your relationship when you’ve been in that kind of frustrating situation for any length […]

Are You Motivating or Manipulating Your Spouse?

Isn’t it always easier to see what our spouse needs to do than what we need to do?  I can easily get caught up in this problem, since I’m also a counselor and life-coach. I can diagnose an unhealthy attitude or action, and step in with my “trusty counselor’s voice” to bring my husband down […]

When Your Spouse is "The Problem"

Years ago I had this blind-spot in my life. I felt like I had no control over the pain I was experiencing—especially at the hands of my husband. I felt like a helpless victim tied to the proverbial train tracks while my husband was the locomotive, barreling down the tracks and aiming right at me! […]

How to Lessen the Pain of Change

Just the other day I was feeling gripey. I don’t know why. And as a woman, I reserve the right to have a gripey day or two every now and then! 😉 Unfortunately, my husband noticed. After 24 years of marriage, I definitely can’t pull one over on him! So I either snapped at him […]