Trusting God with My Marriage And WW Linkup

Guest post by blogger – Robi Smith of It was three and a half years ago that I discovered my husband was addicted to pornography. I had been looking through his phone when I stumbled upon deleted still screens of images from porn websites. It came to me as a total shock. My husband […]

Desperate Marriage Myth #2 – People Cannot Change

Today we’re continuing on in our series, “Desperate Marriages” with the second common myth … People cannot change. Let’s use the example of a spouse getting caught in an affair. After you’ve threatened to divorce him, he straightens up and promises to cut all ties with the other woman. The false belief that “people cannot […]

A Marriage Destroyed by Sin, Redeemed by Grace

Today’s article is another “Share Your Story”  from blogger, Megan Elzey who writes at Sunshine Through the Windows.   My husband, Scott, and I fell in love when he was a junior and I was a senior in high school. Although we married fairly young, we’d already been dating for 5 and a half years. […]


There’s a wall that is built brick by brick in marriage. It is a wall that is almost imperceptible and subtle because it rises higher and higher without much fanfare or attention. One minute you’re looking the other way and when you look back, there’s another brick obstructing your sight. How is this wall built? […]

If Only I Had Been There

Written by Kimberly Green “If I had only been there, it would never have happened.”   This was the belief I had for many years that shaped much of my insecurity and fear of the world around me. At 16 years old, after nearly two decades of dysfunction, my parent’s marriage, and life as I had […]

Affairs – The First Order of Business

Affairs in our society are running amuck! From Arnold and Maria to Senator Weiner, the age-old problem just takes on new names and faces. I have a lot of experience with affairs. Let me restate that. As a counselor, I have lots of experience with affairs. And a common dynamic is for the betrayed partner […]