What ForGIVEness Gives Us

I’m going to be writing on the subject of forgiveness in the days and weeks ahead and today I want to kick this off where God is getting my attention … at the “Paradox Principle.” I’ve been reading through the gospel of Luke and there are SO many powerful passages about forgiveness there. Just today […]

A Difficult Question

While I’m away on my anniversary trip to England and Wales, Linda Stoll from Creekside Ministries has graciously agreed to be our guest and host of this week’s Wedded Wednesday! If you know anything about Linda from her blog or from her visits to your blogs, you’ll know she is a true sweetheart who loves […]

Desperate Marriage Myth #2 – People Cannot Change

Today we’re continuing on in our series, “Desperate Marriages” with the second common myth … People cannot change. Let’s use the example of a spouse getting caught in an affair. After you’ve threatened to divorce him, he straightens up and promises to cut all ties with the other woman. The false belief that “people cannot […]

When You Feel like Your Spouse is the Enemy

  It’s often so hard to see what’s really going on when we’re in the middle of the struggles in life. Can I get an Amen? It’s like that metaphor for life that the apostle Paul used in 1 Corinthians 13:12, “We see but a poor reflection as in a mirror …” and if we […]

Are You the Good Spouse?

You make sure to refrain from losing your cool in any and every argument …You pray about every decision and stay close to God …You maintain a forgiving spirit with your spouse …You do all the “right things” in life and marriage …You take responsibility when and where it’s needed …You avoid complaining and keep […]

Is "Victim Turning on Victim" in your marriage?

My husband and I came into marriage with a lot of pain from our pasts. Our childhoods were far from idyllic. We grew up in families where we experienced everything from traumatic events to dysfunctional relationships and more. I’m not blaming anyone for the wounds of our pasts—simply acknowledging what our reality was. Most likely, […]

Turning Correction into Motivation

Every messy marriage faces the challenge of correcting messy or wrong behavior in a spouse. We often think it’s our duty to point out where our spouse has gotten off track. And in some situations and when offered in the right spirit, that can be true. The trick is knowing how to communicate our observations […]

10 Not-So-Helpful Things to Do for My Spouse

  Recently I wrote a post about the subject of helping my husband. You can refer to it here, if you’d like. But the idea got me to thinking … there are lots of ways I can help my husband but … There are also a lot of ways that I think I’m helping my […]

Raising the Bar in Your Marriage?

Imagine, if you will, coming home from a long days work, expecting to bask in a warm welcome from the one who’s “supposed to have your back,” only to experience a tongue lashing so sharp that you feel like human hash browns—having been diced up and left on the floor to sizzle in the greasy […]

Denial and the Monster Within

Denial very often operates like the typical plotline of a bad horror movie.  We watch as the protagonist (often a young, beautiful woman) is sitting in a peaceful corner of her empty and secluded, century-old farmhouse. Suddenly she’s startled by a noise coming from the eerie dark bedroom down the hall. Sensing danger, she gathers […]