5 Lies about Conflict

  I’ve never really liked conflict. But I’ve also embraced certain lies about conflict in my past that have colored the way I feel about conflict. Now that God has revealed the truth to me about these lies, I have a better understanding about conflict. Allow me to share 5 Lies about Conflict … 1.  […]

The Blessing of a Health Scare

The “Share Your Story” for May is byKim Hall who blogs at Too Darn Happy   My husband and I were blissful spenders. While we didn’t take on lots of debt, we also didn’t have an emergency fund. The sad reality is that for years we were completely unaware of how close we regularly walked up […]

You Always Have a Choice

This is something that I often forget when the heat is on. I feel like I need to step in and take control of the “wall” I’ve just hit. I think that by wagging my boney finger in that walls face, it will move or, better yet, bow to my commanding voice! I think that […]

Making the Hard Choices

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged about my daily tendency to repeat certain sins. I often let pride, fear and selfishness reign instead of reaching out for and clinging to God. I’ve noticed it in the smallest of details in my day. Not just choosing wrong actions, but dwelling on sinful thoughts like they’re a melting […]

M Trifecta: Messy Married Mom

Written by Stacey MicklevitzMessy Marriage Team Member I bear the burden of being a Messy Married Mom. You know the type. My marriage isn’t always perfect, and my kids aren’t always perfect. Maintaining a fulfilling married relationship with my husband, Bryan is difficult enough on its own.  Add two tots to the mix, and the […]

5 Texts You Should Never Send Your Spouse

This past weekend, my husband and I had the privilege of attending our church’s annual marriage retreat. Our guest speaker was Doug Fields,* an amazing communicator and family man. He reminded us that technology has connected us with our world, while very often disconnecting us from our spouses. So in that spirit, here’s my advice […]

Why I Didn’t Leave My Husband

My husband and I are leading a marriage group through our church, using the book, Intimate Encounters. In the first chapter you’re asked to complete a marriage inventory that reveals how strong you are in specific areas of your marriage. It wasn’t a surprise to me that our strongest area is and has always been […]

Why Your Resolutions Aren’t Working

If you’re living in a messy marriage (and who isn’t to some degree or another?), you probably want change, at least for the better. Problem is, you might want that change to occur in your spouse rather than strapping the load to your own back. Mistake Number 1 – Expecting your marriage to get better […]

10 Not-So-Helpful Things to Do for My Spouse

  Recently I wrote a post about the subject of helping my husband. You can refer to it here, if you’d like. But the idea got me to thinking … there are lots of ways I can help my husband but … There are also a lot of ways that I think I’m helping my […]

Raising the Bar in Your Marriage?

Imagine, if you will, coming home from a long days work, expecting to bask in a warm welcome from the one who’s “supposed to have your back,” only to experience a tongue lashing so sharp that you feel like human hash browns—having been diced up and left on the floor to sizzle in the greasy […]