Why Your Resolutions Aren’t Working

If you’re living in a messy marriage (and who isn’t to some degree or another?), you probably want change, at least for the better. Problem is, you might want that change to occur in your spouse rather than strapping the load to your own back. Mistake Number 1 – Expecting your marriage to get better […]

Dealing with Childhood Hurts

January’s “Share Your Story” is by, Shannon Little Shannon has been married for almost 15 years. She and Brian actually were divorced from each other for a few years and remarried 9 years ago.They have two sons, Cameron (13) and Caden (8).She lives by the mantra … balance mind, body, spirit. The depth of my “messy […]

Why Messy?

I not only get the feeling that others wonder this, but I also have people ask me outright … “Why do you focus on the messy in marriage?” It’s a valid question, since focusing on the positive in marriage is, … well, … positive! On the other hand, I feel like there are many for […]

10 Not-So-Helpful Things to Do for My Spouse

  Recently I wrote a post about the subject of helping my husband. You can refer to it here, if you’d like. But the idea got me to thinking … there are lots of ways I can help my husband but … There are also a lot of ways that I think I’m helping my […]

Are You Invisible or Transparent?

Take this quiz: Do you consistently own up to your faults and sins or fear the ramifications of doing so? Do you let “trusted” friends (as opposed to all your Facebook friends) know how you’re “really” doing or keep things to yourself? Are you and most of your friends more self-accepting or self-conscious/self-condemning? Do you […]

Spiritual Practices that Save My Marriage

I could go on and on about how to communicate better, or learn to forgive, or make time to really connect with your spouse, but that’s simply icing on the cake. The bedrock of my marriage has not been being the best wife, but being a fully devoted follower of Christ. With that said, here […]

Is God at Work?

Lately God’s impressed upon me one important aspect of His M.O. (“mode of operation”—yes, I know … I watch too many crime shows and know the lingo all too well!) God is busy at work in our lives, but very often He is busy in the … Unseen, spiritual realm. Remembering this has encouraged me, […]

Repeating the Past?

Like it or not, humans are creatures of habit … by harminder dhesi photography Especially when we feel our habit is not “complete.” We like to resolve things, fix things, have a “happy ending,” if you will—clinging to them, like a dog to an old bone!  That’s why we end up being drawn into marriages […]

Is it Always Your Fault?

Do you feel like “the problem” spouse? by Chris Owens I know about this troubling dynamic, because I was the one blaming my spouse for the fault in our marriage—both verbally and in my head. I couldn’t escape the belief that my husband, Gary, was the problem! And if I could just “fix” him or […]

Trying to Grasp Grace

My church has been doing a series that deals with God’s redemption in the midst of brokenness. And one of the main focuses has been on forgiveness. I’ve done a lot of study and spent a lot of time trying to understand and exercise forgiveness in my life and marriage over the years. That is, […]