Blinded by Boundaries

I want to show grace to my husband. Really, I do. But it’s not that simple. You know … what if, let’s say, I come upon my husband’s abandoned shoes and jacket in a heap on the floor!?* What? … Am I supposed to just pick them up and “enable” him to continue to treat […]

Words that Transform Our Marriages

It’s interesting that the challenge this week on Faith Barista is to finish this sentence “In God’s Heart, I am …” … because I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about it, first of all, because I need to internalize how God feels about me. I don’t always feel “loved by […]

Feeling the Forgiveness

I’ve talked a lot about forgiveness on this blog, because I’ve learned first hand that it’s what brings calmness out of the chaotic and messy moments that I’ve had in my marriage. And it only makes sense that it should be the foundation of marriage, since forgiveness is the foundation of what Christ did for […]

The Tale of Dena Dumb Dumb

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again—when we all brave the highways and byways in search of the family vacation. But along with vacations comes the need to travel unfamiliar territory, which certainly can have it’s ups and downs.  I know the feeling. A few years back, we borrowed a GPS device to take with […]

Marriage Mistake #9 – Forgive My Spouse Only If It Feels Right

You know the old saying, “To err is human and to forgive divine?” Well, that’s certainly been a truth that was lost on me for many years. In fact, I fell more into the “Oprah Camp” that said, “Listen to your heart or feelings.” But when I did this early on in my marriage, it […]