Marriage In Crisis

Recently there was an unfortunate meltdown by a couple in a Burger King restaurant. And what was even more unfortunate, the whole ordeal (yelling, sobbing, one partner storming out) was tweeted (video and pictures to boot) by a newsroom developer for all of the Twitter world to see. Now, I don’t know the status of […]

When to Use Boundaries

Recently I wrote a post, Blinded by Boundaries, that indicated there are times when boundaries are not necessary—when grace is the better choice. But I feel as if I need to back up a bit and explain what boundaries are, and how you can and should use them. I’ve hesitated to delve into a post […]

My Messy Messages

Today we’re linked to Chrysalis, exploring the topic of communication –  Just the other day I decided to “communicate” my displeasure with something my husband had said earlier to me, by using sarcasm to strike back at him. Honestly, I thought it would get my message across in a “funny” way. After all, everybody loves a […]

Rules of Engagement

Written by Heather Copple Messy Marriage Team Member Fighting and disagreeing with our spouse is bound to happen. We’re individuals who want and need different things at different times. We then share a space where privacy is not always present. We’re forced to deal with one another because we share a bedroom, house, children, and […]

Are You Fighting with a Ghost?

Recently, I’ve done some soul searching. Very often when my husband, Gary, and I disagree, it reminds me of the conflicts that my parents too often had when I was a child. And my first reaction to him in those times is to “table the conversation.” But recently I’m beginning to recognize that I’ve been […]

How to Defuse Anger – Part One

When dealing with anger in a marriage—messy or not—you can take an external approach and deal with communication techniques. Or you can take an internal approach and explore thoughts and feelings in an effort to do and think about what is right or best for the relationship. Both ways are important, but today I will […]

The Biblical Role of Headship in Marriage

I was asked to address this issue and feel as if I cannot adequately address this subject without including my husband in the dialogue as well. So this post features my sometimes “post-er,” always pastor and husband, Gary. Beth’s point of view When Gary and I have to make a decision that we cannot come […]

My Lazy Ways in Marriage

My husband would never accuse me of being a couch potato, but when it comes to my marriage, sometimes I can be a little lazy. I guess that’s because of the “Law of Lock-Down.” Never heard of it? Well, it’s when you have “locked-down” your mate in the bonds of holy matrimony and you never […]

What To Do When Your Attitude Stinks

Your spouse has been crabby for several days now. You know something is brewing, but when you press for what “it” is, you only get your head bit off for asking. Eventually, your spouse starts an argument. Let’s say that he blames you for some longstanding problem between the two of you. You cannot believe […]

Choosing to Fight

Written by: Stacey Micklevitz My husband Bryan is a faithful follower of the UFC. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this fast-growing sport, UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship. When I witnessed my first fight on TV, I was nearly horrified. How can this be a sport? How can two men enter a locked […]