Feeling Stuck? {& Book Giveaway!}

If you’re like me, there’s always going to be some area in your life where you feel “stuck”—especially if you’re in a marriage that’s messy from time to time. {And who doesn’t have that?} Maybe you feel stuck with a spouse who … Won’t take responsibility. Or who constantly criticizes you. Or who pushes you […]

Are You Accidentally In-Validating Your Spouse?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote, “4 Ways to Validate Your Spouse” and one of my readers, Laura Lee of Outnumberedmom suggested that I write about what validation is NOT because many people think they’re validating someone when nothing is further from the truth. I totally agree! I’ve been there, in a deep conversation […]

A Painful Year of Changes

Written by Heather CoppleMessy Marriage Team Writer This past year has been hard.  So much has happened and not all of it good. But then that is life. Thankfully, we don’t always have to like it. I know that I haven’t liked all the changes and I’m sure neither has my husband, Scott. Let’s start […]

Finding Love in the Wilderness

March’s “Share Your Story” is byAnna White who blogs at2Day I Choose I got married at 20, not purely for love, but because I was running away from home and God and a bad situation as fast as I could.  The first few years we were married I know we both wondered what we had […]

When the Pain is On!

Are you in a painfully, messy marriage? Are you going through an excruciating trial? Or both? When I reflect back on my life and marriage, I realize that when the battle was the fiercest and when the pathway seemed the darkest, God was refining us and strengthening us the most! We were stretched during those […]

Wedded Wednesday – Vulnerabilities in Marriage

I’ve been there. I’m certain you have too … standing at the end of a good long stretch of going without, straining to see if what we want and need is off in the distance. But it either seems out of reach or is withheld like some cruel joke.   Any prolonged deprivation of a […]

Do You Have a "Wait" Problem?

Yeah, it’s a new year and we’re all trying to get rid of those pesky pounds we’ve put on over the holidays, but that’s not the “wait” problem I’m talking about today. No, I’m talking about my inability to trust God when I don’t have the answers that I think I should. And believe me, […]

Why Your Resolutions Aren’t Working

If you’re living in a messy marriage (and who isn’t to some degree or another?), you probably want change, at least for the better. Problem is, you might want that change to occur in your spouse rather than strapping the load to your own back. Mistake Number 1 – Expecting your marriage to get better […]

Finding Contentment in Heartache

December’s “Share Your Story” is by,  Becky Kopitzke who blogs at Time Out Devotions for Moms They flooded the mailbox that year. Christmas cards—glossy, smiling photos of loved ones far and near. Full-page letters boasted of job promotions, weddings, vacations, and new babies. So many new babies.   I wanted to be happy for my […]

Is God at Work?

Lately God’s impressed upon me one important aspect of His M.O. (“mode of operation”—yes, I know … I watch too many crime shows and know the lingo all too well!) God is busy at work in our lives, but very often He is busy in the … Unseen, spiritual realm. Remembering this has encouraged me, […]