A Few of My Favorites

With the New Year just around the corner, I wanted to take a quick glance back at a few of my favorite posts. So, if you have a free moment to catch up, then check out these oldies but goodies … Facebook Affairs What You Can Expect After Forgiving Your Spouse Martyr Mother-In-Laws Drowning in […]

In Search of Self

As a counselor, I often find myself working with women who have a hard time “finding their voice.” By that I mean, they find it hard to identify their feelings, know their needs and assert their feelings and needs in a constructive way within a relationship. When this problem becomes entrenched, you may feel as […]

My Messy Messages

Today we’re linked to Chrysalis, exploring the topic of communication –  Just the other day I decided to “communicate” my displeasure with something my husband had said earlier to me, by using sarcasm to strike back at him. Honestly, I thought it would get my message across in a “funny” way. After all, everybody loves a […]


Lately, I don’t know what it is, but I can’t seem to get my emotions to level out. I take that back, they really are finding a level . . . just at the lowest point imaginable! UGH! Now, I know that there are a lot of reasons why I might feel this way, but […]

The Tale of Dena Dumb Dumb

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again—when we all brave the highways and byways in search of the family vacation. But along with vacations comes the need to travel unfamiliar territory, which certainly can have it’s ups and downs.  I know the feeling. A few years back, we borrowed a GPS device to take with […]

Drowning in Messy Feelings

One of the main reasons messy marriages get messy is because of messy feelings. When my husband, Gary, does something that hurts my feelings—I mean, really hurts my feelings—then my whole world can turn upside down in an instant. It’s like the man that I thought I loved, is now suddenly the man I can’t […]

Marriage Mistake #9 – Forgive My Spouse Only If It Feels Right

You know the old saying, “To err is human and to forgive divine?” Well, that’s certainly been a truth that was lost on me for many years. In fact, I fell more into the “Oprah Camp” that said, “Listen to your heart or feelings.” But when I did this early on in my marriage, it […]