Turning Correction into Motivation

Every messy marriage faces the challenge of correcting messy or wrong behavior in a spouse. We often think it’s our duty to point out where our spouse has gotten off track. And in some situations and when offered in the right spirit, that can be true. The trick is knowing how to communicate our observations […]

5 Texts You Should Send Your Spouse

1. I liked the way you … yesterday. They say it takes seven positive statements to make up for one negative. So we need to be sharing encouraging words with our spouses whenever we get the chance. And since most of us don’t see our spouses during the day, what a lovely way to brighten […]

Do You Remember the Good Times?

Two years ago, I acted on God’s nudging to start a blog called Messy Marriage. I felt that He wanted me to write about all the ways life and marriage is and can be messy. But I also felt God wanted me to tell of how He is able to redeem the mess—making it into […]

Share Your Story Here!

Here at Messy Marriage our team tries to address all sorts of messy issues in marriage, but— believe it or not—we can’t experience ALL the problems that this world can throw at us. However, “collectively” our team has experienced quite a few! 🙂 My desire has always been for this to be a place where […]

We Were Made to Worship – Love Series

If you’re interested, don’t forget to check on Marisa Gary’s blog, We Were Made to Worship and her “Love Series” this past week. She has written devotions for each day and will continue to post devotionals throughout the weekdays of January. It’s a great opportunity to start your marriage off right in 2012!

Are You in the Middle of the Story?

I just love a good mystery. As a kid, I certainly watched my share of Scooby Doo and his Mystery Machine. As an adult, I’m drawn to those forensic shows that solve some cold case mystery with a dozen or so bits of DNA. I also love searching for clues to my genealogy, because it […]

Naggy McNaggerson, Party of One…

Written by frequent contributor: Stacey Micklevitz   How easy it is to be critical! It’s human nature. Honestly, our spouses practically invite us to criticize, correct, and redirect. Seriously speaking, when opportunities present themselves, I find myself struggling against the urge to let my husband, Bryan, know when he is wrong. My situation is not […]