Feeling Broken by Your Offender?

When our hearts are broken by the sins of our offender—especially over and over—we typically want to do two things … 1. Hurt our offender the way they’ve hurt us. We might say this is simply to teach them a lesson—so they won’t hurt us or others again. Maybe there’s a grain of truth in […]

The Pursuit of Perspective

We’re continuing in our forgiveness series today, moving from my last post, “How to Grieve Offenses” to examining our misperceptions and seeking the perspective that only Christ can bring. Bear in mind that we’re still dealing with expressing our hurt to God alone. The need to set boundaries with your offender is certainly necessary, but […]

What ForGIVEness Gives Us

I’m going to be writing on the subject of forgiveness in the days and weeks ahead and today I want to kick this off where God is getting my attention … at the “Paradox Principle.” I’ve been reading through the gospel of Luke and there are SO many powerful passages about forgiveness there. Just today […]

What Does God Want to Give You in Your Losses?

As I face breast cancer, I’ve become extremely aware of the battle going on in my mind. When my focus is on the “loss” or “losses” I’m facing, I begin to feel, well, like a “loser.” But God has been so patient and kind with me and has gently reminded me that … He never […]

When Your Spouse is Depressed

Written by MM Team Member (and my hubby!) – Gary Steffaniak     If you’ve never been depressed, you cannot understand how depression feels or how hard it is to overcome. And I’m not talking about just having a bad day here and there. One friend who struggles with depression told me that when he’s […]

What Types of Risks are You Taking?

On my trip to the UK, there were so many “God moments”—moments when I knew that God was busy at work doing things like only He can do! One of those moments was when my husband and I were on the Tube (The underground subway system in London). BTW, we became quite skilled in reading […]

Desperate Marriage Myth #4 – Hopeless Situation

Today we’re looking at the last of the myths, Myth #4 – Some situations are hopeless and my situation is one of these. When people are in a desperate situation where positive change seems impossible or at least a distant memory, they tend to take on a victim mentality. With a victim mentality, you begin […]

Desperate Marriage Myth #3 – Only Have 2 Options

The third myth in our Desperate Marriages series is – I have only two options, resigning myself to a life of misery or getting out of the marriage. This myth hangs on the coattails of last week’s post, Desperate Marriage Myth #2, People Cannot Change. Since you’ve determined that you and/or your spouse cannot change, […]

Desperate Marriage Myth #1

Recently I conducted a survey here at Messy Marriage and I can tell from the responses that many of you are in desperate situations and don’t know what to do about your marriage. It’s important to recognize four myths identified by Gary Chapman in his book, Desperate Marriages that often surface in our thinking when […]

‘Emotionally Healthy Woman’ Book Review/Giveaway

 A couple of months ago I did a review on the book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero. But today I’m going to do a giveaway and review of his wife’s book, Emotionally Healthy Woman. If you don’t know Peter and Geri Scazzero’s story, then you are missing out on insightful journey that took them […]