Are You Trusting God’s Timing?

There are some things that we must wait for in life. Asking God to answer our prayers for our marriages can be one of those times where He teaches us to wait. And oddly enough, this reminds me of baking a cake. I can mix together all the right ingredients … 1 yielded heart A […]

When the Pain is On!

Are you in a painfully, messy marriage? Are you going through an excruciating trial? Or both? When I reflect back on my life and marriage, I realize that when the battle was the fiercest and when the pathway seemed the darkest, God was refining us and strengthening us the most! We were stretched during those […]

"When Sinners Say I Do" Book Review and WW Link-up

I’m always on the lookout for a good Christian marriage book and I think I’ve found one in Dave Harvey’s, When Sinners Say I Do. I feel like Harvey’s book reflects so much of the heartbeat here at Messy Marriage—the beauty of God’s redemption in our lives and marriages when we yield to His purposes […]

Whole People

February’s “Share Your Story” is byNancy Parker who is a professional nanny. She loves to write about a wide range of subjects like; health, parenting, childcare and babysitting.You can find her website at Going into a marriage solely based on the fact that both partners are Christians is not enough … I know this […]

Wedded Wednesday – Vulnerabilities in Marriage

I’ve been there. I’m certain you have too … standing at the end of a good long stretch of going without, straining to see if what we want and need is off in the distance. But it either seems out of reach or is withheld like some cruel joke.   Any prolonged deprivation of a […]

Why Messy?

I not only get the feeling that others wonder this, but I also have people ask me outright … “Why do you focus on the messy in marriage?” It’s a valid question, since focusing on the positive in marriage is, … well, … positive! On the other hand, I feel like there are many for […]

Share Your Story – Needed Again!

Here at Messy Marriage, we strive to bring you real-life stories of God’s redemptive work in and through the messes in our marriage and lives. Last April, I (Beth) offered the invitation to you, our readers, to share your stories of redemption in marriage. And so many of you not only blessed us with your […]

Trying to Grasp Grace

My church has been doing a series that deals with God’s redemption in the midst of brokenness. And one of the main focuses has been on forgiveness. I’ve done a lot of study and spent a lot of time trying to understand and exercise forgiveness in my life and marriage over the years. That is, […]

Blaming Yourself for the Mess?

Sometimes we get hung up in a messy marriage because we blame our partner or even God, like I mentioned in my post last week, Feeling Trapped in a Loveless Marriage. But sometimes we feel we’re the one to blame for the messes in our marriage. Are you burdened down with guilt and shame for […]

Mary DeMuth’s "Everything" – Book Offer!

Over the past month I’ve had the honor and privilege of being selected to be a part of Mary DeMuth’s Launch Team for her soon-to-be released book, Everything. One of the many opportunities that I was given was getting to read her book before its release to the public in mid October. But the best […]