New Series on Wounds of the Past and Linkup

Lately, it seems like God is dealing with me through all sorts of sources on the need to deal with old wounds that trigger me and my hubby in our marriage. It’s like everywhere I turn the subject turns to old wounds … From my Men and Openness Survey results (see post here on how […]

Why Can’t I Run to My Mom? SJT Video

In today’s “Sloppy Joe Time” video, I’m talking about an unhealthy practice I had early in my marriage. I was still running to my mother’s arms, when I should’ve been running to God’s and never leaving my husband’s! Can you relate? I hope you’ll click on the video below to see what I discovered and […]

Extending Grace to Extended Family

by tinaxduzgen With the Thanksgiving holiday just next week, my mind has wandered toward the many “extended family” messes that often erupt this time of year. I have to say that I’m so grateful to have in-laws who have blessed me and not tested me when the holidays have rolled around. Unfortunately, I do remember […]

In-Laws with "Depression" Stereotypes

Written by Scott and Heather CoppleMessy Marriage Team Members In-laws can cause all sorts of trouble in a marriage, especially when the married couple allows the intrusion of family. Our family of origin wreaks havoc on our marriage because of the baggage we bring along with us. Now, let the in-laws, themselves, enter the relationship […]

When Your Spouse Won’t Go to Bat For You – In-law Issues

Recently I suggested that I would be writing a post on how to set boundaries, but decided to focus on one common boundary problem—intrusive and critical in-laws.  Let’s say you have a mother-in-law who makes a habit of criticizing you to your spouse or in front of others. But let’s up the ante and say […]

A Few of My Favorites

With the New Year just around the corner, I wanted to take a quick glance back at a few of my favorite posts. So, if you have a free moment to catch up, then check out these oldies but goodies … Facebook Affairs What You Can Expect After Forgiving Your Spouse Martyr Mother-In-Laws Drowning in […]

The Gift of a Nagging Mother-In-Law

Written by – Kimberly GreenMessy Marriage Team Member  My husband hates to go to the doctor. Sitting in a waiting room with fifteen other people and their germs well past the appointment time, only to be called to wait in a colder cubicle of a room with no pants on for an additional 25 minutes, […]

Martyr Mother-In-Laws

You’ve seen her type. Outwardly she’s all sacrificial like Mother Teresa, but inwardly she’s all vengeful like Jane Fonda in “Monster-in-Law!” So, how can you tell if you might have a “Martyr Mother-In-Law?” Look for examples like these: 1. She uses guilt to manipulate you into changing your “evil or selfish ways.” One woman told […]

Unhealthy Alliances – To Leave or Not to Leave?

(I may be stepping into controversial waters with this topic. But I hope that you will allow yourself to look at your marriage in this area without fear or defensiveness.) “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Genesis 2:24 […]