S-E-X . . . A Three Letter Word!

Written by Heather Copple Messy Marriage Team Member A little background… I have been married to my husband, Scott for over 15 years. We are brutally honest with each other and that can be painful. We enjoy each other mentally, spiritually and physically. One mess in our marriage . . . we have different libidos. […]

6 Strategies for Avoiding an Affair

Attractions, like the popular bumper sticker says, “… happen.“ But if we are wise, affairs don’t have to.   Here are six strategies that are helpful in avoiding the allure of an affair. Stay connected and engaged with your spouse. That means you need to make time to be with your spouse. You need to […]

Full-Serve vs. Self-Serve

I’m dating myself here, but I remember the days when there were two options to choose from when getting gas: Full-Serve and Self-Serve.  My mom always chose Full-Serve, and a friendly attendant would approach our car to offer a range of services including pumping gas, washing windshields, and checking the oil. Times have changed! Full-service […]