A Side of Love I Didn’t Recognize

I’ve always known that to love someone can be a big challenge. But lately God is opening my eyes to the fact that I don’t always recognize what true love is. There are times when showing love to my husband, Gary, seems effortless and sweet. I love it when I can give love to him […]

You Complete Me . . . Not!

Is it such a terrible thing to say that my husband doesn’t complete me? I recently picked up a book that I still hope is a great marriage book by Mort Fertel – Marriage Fitness. I plan on reading it and a few others on my upcoming vacation. But when it came in the mail […]

My Husband as a Father

Taken Father’s Day 2009 Since this coming Sunday is Father’s Day, I’m reminded of all that my husband has done for our three boys. He’s shown interest in their lives every single day. He’s attended their ballgames. He’s played games of all sorts with them. He’s done devotions with them. He’s worked through problems with […]

Stuck in a Rut?

  If your marriage is like mine, you sometimes get stuck in a rut. Things may go along fairly smoothly for months or even years, but then you hit a pothole and get stuck. When you’re in that rut, it might seem like you’re constantly irritated with each other—or irritated with life, but you take […]