When an Unexpected Detour Interrupts the Journey And WW Linkup!

Today we are excited and honored to have Nannette Elkins from Hope in the Healing sharing a guest post and hosting Wedded Wednesday while my husband and I (Beth) travel to Dallas for a Marriage Ministry Conference. Please make her feel welcome, since she’s been a faithful presence in our linkups and is so very […]

What shows you respect? SJT Video

It’s never easy to show respect when we don’t see “eye-to-eye” with our mates. I must admit that respecting and submitting to my husband has been especially challenging for me in times of conflict. Thankfully, I’ve discovered three faulty beliefs that I’ve embraced about respect. Now whenever I notice these beliefs cropping up and I […]

Lord, why aren’t You answering? SJT Video

I’m finally back today after much vacationing and celebrating of my son’s wedding—not to mention, technical/computer issues bogging me down—with yet another “Sloppy Joe Time.” Thanks so much for your patience with me in this! Today I’m delving into a sloppy expectation I had with God in regards to my husband and my painful, messy […]

Does Your Spouse Need Perspective? SJT Video

Ever find yourself in the middle of a painful conversation about a past hurt with your spouse, and you don’t know why your spouse isn’t resonating with or able to receive in a gracious way how s/he has hurt you? Well, in my latest Sloppy Joe Time video, I talk about what you both need […]

A Way to Measure Your Progress

The other day I was at Walmart. (Imagine a big, lumbersome sigh after that sentence!) I must confess it’s not my favorite place to shop—especially since our small town store is being turned into a supercenter. Yay, us! I won’t go into all that ticks me off when I’m inside the doors of the world’s […]

Is God talking to YOU about your spouse?

  There’s a certain frustration that sometimes comes with prayer. We wisely decide to quit trying to change our spouses and instead pray for them and our marriages. This is all good, but like anything in life, it can become contaminated. I’ve been a part of a prayer group of women who meet regularly to […]

Are You Trusting God’s Timing?

There are some things that we must wait for in life. Asking God to answer our prayers for our marriages can be one of those times where He teaches us to wait. And oddly enough, this reminds me of baking a cake. I can mix together all the right ingredients … 1 yielded heart A […]

Love Makes a Family

We talk about waiting on God A LOT around here at Messy Marriage because, frankly, this life is full of “waiting on God.” And as I’ve mentioned before, God very often does His greatest work in our lives when we wait on Him, and this could never be more true than in the lives of […]

Do You Have a "Wait" Problem?

Yeah, it’s a new year and we’re all trying to get rid of those pesky pounds we’ve put on over the holidays, but that’s not the “wait” problem I’m talking about today. No, I’m talking about my inability to trust God when I don’t have the answers that I think I should. And believe me, […]

Is God at Work?

Lately God’s impressed upon me one important aspect of His M.O. (“mode of operation”—yes, I know … I watch too many crime shows and know the lingo all too well!) God is busy at work in our lives, but very often He is busy in the … Unseen, spiritual realm. Remembering this has encouraged me, […]