Feel like God Doesn’t Hear You?

Recently I’ve been reading through some of my old journals from many years ago and there was one story that really stood out—that seemed to tell not just a story of my life, but a story of how faithful God is. At the time of the writing, my husband and I were going through a […]

8 Questions – Knowing When to Confront

There are times when we should address a problem and times when we shouldn’t. Often there is confusion about just when or if it’s right to proceed. Here are 8 questions or areas of concern to consider when you’re at that crossroad. My prayer is that they might bring you greater clarity on when to […]

Making the Hard Choices

Lately I’ve been feeling discouraged about my daily tendency to repeat certain sins. I often let pride, fear and selfishness reign instead of reaching out for and clinging to God. I’ve noticed it in the smallest of details in my day. Not just choosing wrong actions, but dwelling on sinful thoughts like they’re a melting […]

Are You Trusting God’s Timing?

There are some things that we must wait for in life. Asking God to answer our prayers for our marriages can be one of those times where He teaches us to wait. And oddly enough, this reminds me of baking a cake. I can mix together all the right ingredients … 1 yielded heart A […]

Livin’ on a Prayer – April’s "SYS"

April’s “Share Your Story” is by Becky BoernerAnd I, Beth, am also excited to announce that Becky is our Newest MM Team member! Can I get a Woot, Woot?!! *************** Do you recognize this face? He was “the man” in the 80’s—Bon Jovi! I remember listening to all of Bon Jovi’s songs with my very first […]

Finding Calm Before & After the "Storm"

  For the most part, I am an anxious person. And nothing makes me more stressed and anxious than a conflict. It’s nothing for me to face an important confrontation with my mouth dry as cotton and my voice quivering with fear as I stammer out my disjointed thoughts. The greater the intensity of the […]

5 Texts You Should Send Your Spouse

1. I liked the way you … yesterday. They say it takes seven positive statements to make up for one negative. So we need to be sharing encouraging words with our spouses whenever we get the chance. And since most of us don’t see our spouses during the day, what a lovely way to brighten […]

5 Tips to Pray More Effectively for Your Spouse

Does this seem like a “no-brainer”?  Well, it is and it isn’t. I’m sure many of you are praying for your spouse and marriage daily, and that’s wonderful!Keep it up! But what if you could pray more effectively? Would you be interested in finding out how? Then read on …  Tip One – Thank God […]

Despairing of Life?

The holidays are a difficult time for many who’ve lost loved ones at this time of year—whether recently and in years past. It’s hard for some who face the prospect of spending the holidays alone, or who simply feel sadness in contrast to what the holidays represent. The holidays can be a very sad time […]

Spiritual Practices that Save My Marriage

I could go on and on about how to communicate better, or learn to forgive, or make time to really connect with your spouse, but that’s simply icing on the cake. The bedrock of my marriage has not been being the best wife, but being a fully devoted follower of Christ. With that said, here […]