The Drought of 2012

Written by Stacey Micklevitz Messy Marriage Team Member You’d have to be living under a rock to be unaware of this year’s drought. Add to that the record heat, and you’re walking earth that yearns for water. We’re at a point where an occasional rain won’t even make a dent in the severe deficit that’s […]

Father Issues, God Issues, Husband Issues

Let me just say upfront … I have father issues. Of course, that translates into issues with “men” as well, which might explain the title of this blog! But the fact is that my father issues create another drawback … my father issues affect my relationship with God.   I’ve done Bible studies, read books […]

Vacation Time – Make it a Priority!

When I was growing up, there was one thing my family always did every year—take a family vacation. I have very fond memories of those trips. It was when my family came together and really talked and experienced life and fun times together. My husband and I have been committed to taking annual trips with […]

The Gradual Slide to Disconnection

 It’s a bittersweet moment to watch your son move from being a college student to being a college grad. I’m so happy for him and his huge accomplishment, but there’s something inside of me that wants to go back to the days when he ran to my arms for comfort or believed everything I said […]

2 + 1 = Jealousy

Written by Heather and Scott Copple Messy Marriage Team Members Scott and I had been married for two years and nine months. Life was great! But one day, an event occurred that changed all of that. Heather – This event threw me into exhaustion and busyness. I wasn’t exactly keeping up with the housework like […]

Letting a Busy Schedule Come before Your Marriage?

This has been an incredibly busy month for me, and it’s only the 17th of October! What will the rest of the month look like? And with all this busyness, I’m reminded of one very important aspect of my marriage … my husband! Now, I have to say that October has been a really busy […]

One Element that Brings Balance in Marriage

Messes happen in marriage very often because life gets out of balance. And one of the primary ways that couples, especially young couples, find life getting out of balance is in the area of time. There’s so much demanded of parents with young and growing children. And we feel as if we’re cheating our kids […]

My Lazy Ways in Marriage

My husband would never accuse me of being a couch potato, but when it comes to my marriage, sometimes I can be a little lazy. I guess that’s because of the “Law of Lock-Down.” Never heard of it? Well, it’s when you have “locked-down” your mate in the bonds of holy matrimony and you never […]