Why You Should Avoid Being the ‘Best Version of Yourself’

Have you heard the catchy slogan—be the “best version of yourself”? Author and motivational speaker Mathew Kelly was the one who came up with this motto and message. His upbeat focus has even penetrated the Christian mainstream—being encouraged in churches and between believers in the day-to-day.  I also heard this mantra mentioned in the trailer for […]

How Long Should I Extend Grace in Marriage? And Linkup

I ended last week’s post in the series, The Many Faces of Grace, with this question: When is it unhealthy or “enabling” to overlook an insult or sin in my spouse (or other offender)? I think the questions to consider in this kind of situation are: Is it destructive to one or more relationships? (Creating […]

First Step to Get Your Heart Right in a Messy Marriage And Linkup

The continual mending of my messy marriage can be traced back to one foundational shift in my life that created a cascade of other important and healing choices. Ultimately this had everything to do with my heart in relation to God. So with that in mind, I’m going to begin a new series that will […]

Settling this Matter Matters

I spend a lot of time here at Messy Marriage giving practical helps and tools for dealing with the messes in marriage, but the bottom line is that none of that matters if you don’t settle one thing! [Tweet “The one thing you must settle is Christ and what He did for you and me. […]

Responding to God’s Invitations

Many of you know that recently my husband and I took our 25th anniversary trip to England and Wales. I’m going to be sharing pictures and stories from that trip for weeks, maybe months to come, and today is no exception! I’m sharing about another one of those “God-moments” we had on the trip. My […]

On the Palm of My Hand

Written by Kimberly Green Messy Marriage Team Writer Accepting the news that your child has a disability is preceded by many, many grief steps and emotional adjustments. You deny, then you try to fix, then you put on the battle armor of defensiveness that covers everything but the chip on your shoulder. We want to protect and nurture our children, and, as Christ […]