‘Tree of Lies’ Reveals Identity Struggles Giveaway/Linkup

Today I’m excited to have a guest post from Scott Perkins of Choose to Trust. Scott has been one of my favorite bloggers, especially regarding his expertise on identity. I hope you’ll check out his book and blog this week! And be sure to comment and thank him for his amazing insight and giveaway to […]

Finding Healing for Your Wounds And Linkup

Today I’m continuing the series on the wounds of our past by focusing on how to bring healing to those wounds through a new spiritual and relational focus. This means delving a bit deeper into what must be done in tandem with any ongoing prayer/processing of wounds (that I’ve shared in past posts). I believe […]

10 Things You Won’t See Me Post on Facebook

The holidays can be a really depressing time for many people and hard on many marriages. Not only are issues related to grief heightened at holiday times, but the stress and expectations level is usually higher than any other time of year. But what I think makes matters worse is the impact of Facebook. Don’t […]

‘Everybody Loves Vulnerability’ And WW Linkup!

I am still unpacking what I feel are the important aspects of creating a confessional culture today, which leads me to share about a vulnerable and unflattering moment of mine in my own marriage. Sometimes the best way to communicate a reality is to learn from a real-life and raw human encounter in marriage. It […]

Becoming One with Your Spouse

Today, while I, Beth, am gone with my pastor hubby to the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Leadership Conference in Queens, New York, Cassie Celestain, blogger at TrueAgape has graciously offered to host Wedded Wednesday for me! I hope you’ll check out Cassie’s bio below for more on her ministry to marrieds. Throughout the Bible we read […]

Being One Flesh

Today our guest of honor is Scott Perkins from Choose to Trust. I’ve gleaned so much practical wisdom that’s firmly based upon God’s word at Scott’s blog. If you haven’t visited his site already, then be sure to bookmark it! You’ll be glad you did!    ************************** “Haven’t you read,” [Jesus] replied, “that at the […]

How to Love Yourself

  I’ve heard a lot of talk lately in the blogosphere about “loving self.” Some say we need to do that because many of us are failing to truly love ourselves. Some say it’s a given that we love ourselves and that loving ourselves should not be our focus. I think both “camps” have something […]

Trophy Wife

Written by Stacey Micklevitz Messy Marriage Team Writer I was recently pondering the concept of a Trophy Wife. Naturally, Donald Trump came to mind (though, let me be clear that I don’t see him as a “trophy husband”—he’s fooling NO one with that hair!). I am convinced that he is the poster child for all […]