The Allure of the Illegitimate in Marriage

Today I’m continuing to unpack another way we can let our spouses control us with – “Choosing to have an affair or to look at pornography because you believe you’ve been deprived of ‘whatever’ in your marriage.” I have a sneaking suspicion that the spouses who need this message the most are not going to […]

7 Reasons Marriage Counseling May Fail

Last week we had the privilege of having Robi Smith of Hopeful Wife Today share a piece of her very brave testimony about her husband’s pornography addiction and how they are working toward putting their marriage together with God’s help. However, I noticed that Robi responded to a comment in the comment section, saying that […]

Trusting God with My Marriage And WW Linkup

Guest post by blogger – Robi Smith of It was three and a half years ago that I discovered my husband was addicted to pornography. I had been looking through his phone when I stumbled upon deleted still screens of images from porn websites. It came to me as a total shock. My husband […]

Porn’s Influence on Our Children

I believe that marriages are often made messier by the “messes” our children become involved in. So I want to arm parents with helpful information regarding this issue. The information I will be sharing is from Josh McDowell’s Dr. Jill Manning, author of What’s the Big Deal about Pornography? testified before a U.S. Senate […]

Porn’s Influence on Marriage

Today we’re joining e-Mom for Marriage Monday to discuss the topic of “Sex”. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to break out my recently received stats from Josh McDowell’s campaign, “Just One Click Away” … I plan to share more of McDowell’s information about the influence of the Internet and Internet porn on […]

3 Steps to Take When You Find Your Spouse Looking at Porn

I want to respond to a recent comment given regarding the use of porn. I will be addressing it from the perspective of a wife who has caught her husband looking at porn.  First of all, this is such a complex issue that I feel I cannot fully address it in any depth on a […]