Coming Out as a Christian to Your Unbelieving Spouse

I’m excited to have yet another edition of “Picking Hubby’s Brain” as we endeavor to answer one of the many questions we’ve been given from you our readers/viewers on how to navigate challenges in marriage. This husband’s question deals with “change” and in particular dealing with a drastic change in marriage, moving from atheism to […]

Loving God Helps Me Love My Husband

Today’s post is written by Dineen Miller from Spiritually Unequal Marriage – a place where you’ll “find practical help and encouragement to thrive in your spiritually unequal marriage.” I will tell you, in all honesty, that I cannot love my husband in my own strength. It’s not possible. I tried to for a many years […]

A Difference that Divides

Differences can divide us, making our marriages messy and full of pain … especially when those differences are spiritual or faith-based. God clearly reminds us that our faith can be a stumbling block to those who don’t believe (Rom. 9:31-33). And the Apostle Paul warns us against being “yoked together” with unbelievers (2 Cor. 6:14). […]