Finding Calm Before & After the "Storm"

  For the most part, I am an anxious person. And nothing makes me more stressed and anxious than a conflict. It’s nothing for me to face an important confrontation with my mouth dry as cotton and my voice quivering with fear as I stammer out my disjointed thoughts. The greater the intensity of the […]

On the Palm of My Hand

Written by Kimberly Green Messy Marriage Team Writer Accepting the news that your child has a disability is preceded by many, many grief steps and emotional adjustments. You deny, then you try to fix, then you put on the battle armor of defensiveness that covers everything but the chip on your shoulder. We want to protect and nurture our children, and, as Christ […]

Spiritual Practices that Save My Marriage

I could go on and on about how to communicate better, or learn to forgive, or make time to really connect with your spouse, but that’s simply icing on the cake. The bedrock of my marriage has not been being the best wife, but being a fully devoted follower of Christ. With that said, here […]