In Search of Self

As a counselor, I often find myself working with women who have a hard time “finding their voice.” By that I mean, they find it hard to identify their feelings, know their needs and assert their feelings and needs in a constructive way within a relationship. When this problem becomes entrenched, you may feel as […]

3 Attitudes that Lead to Trouble

On the last Friday of August, my husband and I decided to clear out some weeds in our yard. Unbeknownst to me, I picked up a batch of weeds “Poison Ivy,” hugging it ever so tenderly on the way to the yard waste bag. In the words of Julia Roberts, “Big mistake! BIG!” Until this […]

3 Steps to Breaking a Vicious Cycle

Have you ever been in a vicious cycle?  I certainly have! Let’s say that you were betrayed by a past relationship. That person lied to you time after time and finally cheated on you. You learned from that experience to be suspicious, even cynical about new and existing relationships. In carrying that cynicism with you […]