Feel like God Doesn’t Hear You?

Recently I’ve been reading through some of my old journals from many years ago and there was one story that really stood out—that seemed to tell not just a story of my life, but a story of how faithful God is. At the time of the writing, my husband and I were going through a […]

4 Expectations that Transform Hopelessness

  Recently our nation has experienced yet another tragedy through a devastating tornado that hit near Oklahoma City. As we as a nation grieve, I’m reminded that many of us face terrible trials and times of loss in this life. But I’ve found that when I change my expectations in the times of trouble, God […]

A Painful Year of Changes

Written by Heather CoppleMessy Marriage Team Writer This past year has been hard.  So much has happened and not all of it good. But then that is life. Thankfully, we don’t always have to like it. I know that I haven’t liked all the changes and I’m sure neither has my husband, Scott. Let’s start […]

When the Pain is On!

Are you in a painfully, messy marriage? Are you going through an excruciating trial? Or both? When I reflect back on my life and marriage, I realize that when the battle was the fiercest and when the pathway seemed the darkest, God was refining us and strengthening us the most! We were stretched during those […]

Why I Didn’t Leave My Husband

My husband and I are leading a marriage group through our church, using the book, Intimate Encounters. In the first chapter you’re asked to complete a marriage inventory that reveals how strong you are in specific areas of your marriage. It wasn’t a surprise to me that our strongest area is and has always been […]

Do You Have a "Wait" Problem?

Yeah, it’s a new year and we’re all trying to get rid of those pesky pounds we’ve put on over the holidays, but that’s not the “wait” problem I’m talking about today. No, I’m talking about my inability to trust God when I don’t have the answers that I think I should. And believe me, […]

Finding Contentment in Heartache

December’s “Share Your Story” is by,  Becky Kopitzke who blogs at Time Out Devotions for Moms They flooded the mailbox that year. Christmas cards—glossy, smiling photos of loved ones far and near. Full-page letters boasted of job promotions, weddings, vacations, and new babies. So many new babies.   I wanted to be happy for my […]

Despairing of Life?

The holidays are a difficult time for many who’ve lost loved ones at this time of year—whether recently and in years past. It’s hard for some who face the prospect of spending the holidays alone, or who simply feel sadness in contrast to what the holidays represent. The holidays can be a very sad time […]

My Part in the Massacre

Today I want to share an excerpt from my prayer time. I don’t usually do this, but feel it is appropriate at a time of national grief … credit “Thank you for being a constant and caring God. Many people don’t know you—not the real you. Many people think that you could‘ve stopped what happened […]


Written by Kimberly GreenMessy Marriage Team Member Rob Boudon December of 1999 found me in a local supermarket purchasing a significant amount of canned goods, gallons of water, boxes of powdered milk, and a significant supply of batteries. January 1st, 2000 at midnight, millions of computers all over the world would herald the apocalypse. We […]