Love me warts and all? Video

Today we’re continuing in our video series on the sloppy expectations we all have in marriage. Check this one out to see what Christ’s love and acceptance should look like …     What false ideas did you feel were “Christ-like attitudes or behaviors” that you imposed on your spouse?   What do you think balancing […]

Who Should Apologize First?

I hope you’ll take two and a half minutes to watch this first of many videocast installments here at MM on “Sloppy Expectations in Marriage.” Part of the reason I’ve decided to add videos is:  I’m still having arm/hand/tendonitis issues and typing adds to that problem. Creating a video is less “typing-intensive.” I’ve always wanted […]

The Stages of a Fight

Have you ever stopped to consider the many stages you go through in an argument with your spouse? If you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ve probably “felt” the stages of an argument creeping steadily toward you. It’s almost like the foreboding music that signals something bad is about to happen on your […]


In lieu of a post from my hubster, Gary, I’m posting a video of a message he gave at our church recently. The title was “Default” and the idea is very much in keeping with the message of Messy Marriage. We all fall into default patterns that keep us from experiencing God’s empowerment to deal […]

Killer Marriage Tips

Today I’m sharing a laugh out loud video that I believe just might make your marriage messier! So, just enjoy the video but do the opposite of what these “wise guys” suggest if you want to avoid the mess! Today’s post is linked to . . .

This is the Stuff . . .

I’ve heard a song on the radio lately that I think captures the essence of what many messy marrieds struggle with everyday. Often it’s not the big problems that get us into a mess, but the little irritations that multiply and grow. The song is so new that there isn’t a full-fledged video, but I […]

He Came to Get Messy

Sometimes we forget what a sacrifice Jesus made in coming to earth as a human, experiencing all the messiness of life. But I’m so grateful that he didn’t leave us in our messes. Take a look at this video and be reminded of how the God of the Universe can relate to you and me. […]