Video ‘Confessions of a Messy Mrs.’ on Pride

I’m excited to get back to vlogging with a new series that includes confessions from nine different “wives'” on how pride made their marriages messy or at least messier.

Don’t worry all of you “Misters” out there! I will get to you next time with my sidekick and partner in life, Gary, who will be our guide on that fun journey.

For now, it’s the wives who get the confession ball rolling! 😉

Wives talk about pride

For now, it's the wives who get this ball rolling! #confessionsonpride Click To Tweet

So I hope you’ll grab your favorite cup of joe (or tea) and pull up a seat to watch this less than 6 minute video in my series on …



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So tell us in the comments below . . .


What is one one way that your pride (as a wife) has made your marriage messy? 


What are you (husband or wife) willing to do to try and improve a prideful issue in your marriage? 


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  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    Loved this, Beth! And many thanks to the ladies (and you) for the honesty. I think you’ve done a lot of good here. (And I’m sorry to arrive so late at the conversation. Bad days, but good morale.)

    Where has my pride made our marriage more difficult? I can identify three areas.

    1) To me, the world consists of snipers, targets, and everyone else. If you’re not one of the hunters, you’re not quite ‘worthy’. It’s not uncommon, but it’s not much fun to be around.

    2) With the worsening of illness, I find that I think on a very different ‘plane’; not higher (I hope I learned from #1 above!), but certainly one that has more to do with monastery than marriage. There’s transcendence in my life, but I find it hard to connect to the tears and tomfoolery that are the cornerstones of a good relationship.

    3) I spend most of my time alone, and I think that my self-sufficiency is galling for my wife. She asks what I need, and generally the answer is “Good to go.” I’m trying to work on this; accepting help and support, even though it may be awkward for me as an individual, is important for the corporate soul.

    • Thank you, Andrew! I always appreciate your encouragement and the added insights you bring to whatever topic I’m tackling.

      Oh yes! Weren’t all of these ladies fabulous for speaking so openly and humbly about their issues of pride! I was so grateful for their willingness to answer this question. Most of these women were strangers to me and generously offered their thoughts so that others would be encouraged and enlightened in this area as well.

      I know that it’s been difficult for you to fit into the traditional “husband” role, especially given your childhood and then your military training on top of that. Once a soldier, always a soldier, I’d say! I’m sure that Barbara understands and accepts that about you, though I’m sure it’s been a source of pain along the way. But what spouse isn’t a “source of pain along the way”? 😉

      And I can also see how having the kind of slow, painful and debilitating disease you have endured would change your normal way of relating. When I’m feeling bad, I really don’t want to be around people–including my hubby. He is the opposite of me in this, but part of that speaks to the different approach our parents took with each of us when we were sick as children. I bet you learned to isolate when you were a child out of necessity, like I did in many ways.

      I’m so glad to hear that you are still stretching yourself to be more open to receiving. That’s something my husband has taught me to do over the years as well and I’m so grateful for it. It has brought us together in ways that my self-sufficiency would never have done. Thanks for being an open book, my friend! Praying for you daily!

  • Sarah Geringer

    Beth, this vlog was very good! I enjoyed all the different perspectives and even the humor. Did you know all these ladies at Panera? Or did you simply go up to them and ask? Also, did you use a phone or a video camera? I’m so curious because this is so good!

    • Thank you, Sarah. I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement! No, I simply went up to a lot of the women in the video and told them I was a marriage blogger and would they be interested in being in my video. I then gave them my business card as sort of a form of verification as well as spreading the word about my blog. Some of the ladies I approached weren’t interested because they didn’t want to be video tapped–more out of “I don’t look good! So please don’t put me on a video!” ha! One lady didn’t want to because she couldn’t think of anything to say. But everyone I approached was very nice to me. I suppose that says something about my hometown’s hospitality. I used my iPhone. It’s always been just as good as the very expensive video camera we bought for this same purpose. And my phone is a lot more user friendly. I can enhance the quality of the sound on my iMovie software as well. I probably will use the microphone I have for video tapping next time I do this. The background noise was a bit much on some of the shots. Thank you for coming by and sharing your thoughts, my friend. I hope you find your vlogging to be an enriching and prosperous journey.

      • Sarah Geringer

        Thanks for sharing these thoughts in detail. You’ve inspired me with so much in this post and in your comments. Today I’m planning to resume posting a vlog to my Facebook feed on Thursdays. I like the casual, fun approach you took on a serious topic. Facebook usually rewards me by organically sharing that video very widely, so I want to take advantage of the extra exposure. Blessings to you, friend!

  • Can’t wait to listen to this later, Beth!
    Hugs to you!

    • Thanks for swinging by and encouraging me, Lori! Hugs right back to you, girlfriend!