Video of Wives Confessing Bad Habits in Marriage

I’m excited to be back with another video chronicling the confessions of several wives on one or two bad habits they bring into their marriages. These are all from friends of mine who share openly about their flaws, along with a few that are laugh-out-loud funny!

I hope you’ll stick around to watch this 5 minute and 44 second video to the very end for the “hotdog and hamburger” discussion! It’s a hoot! You’ll never look at your linen closet the same way again! 😉

Click on the video below to watch these wives tell it like it is!



Click on the link to view more videos in this series – Messy Mr. and Mrs.

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I’m excited to announce the seven winners from my 7-year blogaversary celebration just the other day. Each winner is receiving one copy of a marriage book from the five books I highlighted in that post. So, drumroll please!

The winners are . . . Mary H., rboerner (my friend, Becky, that is!), Sarah D., Nylse, Gayle W., Michele M., and Kelly B.

I’ll be in touch with these winners today. But most of all, thank you to all who participated and have supported Messy Marriage throughout the years! It’s been a blessing to be the “mess” that gives you all inspiration on being better husbands and wives in the messiness of marriage!

Now it’s your turn, whether you’re a wife or a husband, let us know …


What is one bad habit you have in marriage?


What are you willing to do to try and cut out this bad habit in your marriage?



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  1. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser says:

    Beth, I loved this…the courage of these women to speak of their bad habits…and YOUR courage. Amazing. I have renewed hope for humanity, and you know I am dead serious.

    This literally brought tears to my eyes.Laughter, yes, and appreciation.

    My worst habit is assuming that I’m expendable, that my death will be nothing but an inconvenient blip. Part of it comes from dealing with a situation that’s getting drastically worse, but part i life experience; people I liked and loved got killed, and they were off the roster for the next day’s duties. And that was about it.

    It’s totally unfair to devalue myself to that degree, but it’s correspondingly difficult to know how not to do it.

  2. Beth, I so identify with thinking badly of my husband’s motives and mindreading. As a result of some real marriage hurts, it has been a constant challenge of mine, and how much more difficult when the hurt occurs again after trying to give the benefit of the doubt. Yes, marriage is so very messy, and I find great encouragement here my friend!

  3. Bad habits – if we know them we can change them! Yay! 🙂