How to Forgive the Past and Move Forward in Your Marriage

Today, I’m excited to introduce to you my next guest blogger in the “Spring Clean Your Marriage” series—Julie Loos. She’s sharing about how subtle and destructive ruminating on our mates’ failures and limitations can be to our marriages. Be sure to check out her bio below, as well as making her feel welcome by commenting […]

8 Steps to Avoid Marriage Meltdowns at Holiday Gatherings

When I was a kid, I looked forward to every holiday with great anticipation. I loved the food, as well as the opportunity to be with extended family. And when Christmas was in view, I really, really loved the idea of getting presents—lots of presents! Lol! However, once the actual holiday approached, my dreams and […]

4 Reasons to Make Love Even When Angry at Your Husband

It was the eve of our one-year wedding anniversary, and my husband and I had one of our biggest fights. We went to bed angry. Rather, he went to bed, and I went to the couch. I wept through most of the night, mourning the death of the marriage of my dreams. Sprawled on the […]

6 Lessons that Motivate Me to Forgive My Mate

I’ve always struggled to let go of offenses and forgive my husband from the heart. In the moment it feels like God needs my help to point out my spouse’s sin or at least to stop it from happening again. When I give in to that thinking it mushrooms. I feel like I need to […]

64 Abusive Actions That Spell Trouble for Your Marriage

We live in a culture and world racked by a rising and alarming number of sexual abuse accusations right now. But in marriage, the issue of abuse of every type can be extremely murky and convoluted. I think that’s because it’s so hard to know when your spouse is crossing a healthy and appropriate boundary […]

2 Important Ways to Love the ‘Turkey’ at Your Table

I don’t know about you, but I’ve both loved and hated the family gatherings that come with Thanksgiving or other holiday celebrations. Typically, this is because of the work that leaves me and so many others I love stressed. But sometimes the stress come from awkward and friction-filled, even resentment-laden, relationships that we have with […]

What I Learned About Myself by Doing an ‘Argument Autopsy’

Recently, I was Sheila Gregoire’s guest at her blog, To Love Honor and Vacuum, where I shared about an argument I had with my husband years ago that resulted in several important and helpful insights about myself. Though I don’t exactly enjoy having to learn lessons the hard way, that’s often the best and most […]

How Satan Attacks Marriage Using This Tempting Direction (Linkup)

I thought it appropriate to start a new series on the attacks of Satan on marriage during a month that is traditionally associated with spooks, spirits and scary things. I know of many—Christ-followers included—who never consider the relevance or real threat that Satan and his demons pose against our marriages. I want to state for […]

How ‘Stranger Things’ is like the ‘Fine Art’ of Listening (& Linkup)

My husband and I have been watching the Netflix series “Stranger Things” lately, and I see a metaphor in that show that perfectly illustrates the “Fine Art” of listening. What is it? Well, let me lay some groundwork before I reveal that answer. There’s no hiding the fact that my husband and I have had some […]

Increase Good Chemistry of Love in Marriage (And Linkup)

I’m continuing to unpack another lesson in my “Back to School” series by discussing today how I gained back the “chemistry” or feelings of love that had cooled when my marriage was at its messiest. I learned the hard way that what I do drastically impacts the way I feel in my marriage. Let me […]