How to Be More Devoted to Your Spouse and Guard Against an Affair

For whatever reason God has hardwired me with a very strong ability to remain devoted and persevere in the face of difficulty. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. It’s just that being devoted comes somewhat naturally for me with a personality that can also be rather rigid and unyielding as well. Kind […]

How the Bible Addresses 5 Common Problems in Marriage

I did a Google search recently and found several articles offering common problems in marriage, in order to come at them biblically. Below are just a sampling of some of the problems I found … 1. Boundary Problems Sadly, an awful lot of boundary problems can erupt in marriage. The good news is that the […]

How Being Broken in Your Marriage is a Good Thing!

Ever ignore something that is or might be broken in your life or marriage? It can be scary and intimidating to face this harsh reality. I know, because I did so with one of my my sons and also with my marriage to its detriment. Years ago, my two oldest sons were enjoying a fun […]

The Unfair Task to Avoid Lust and Attraction to Others

When I first got married I was under the mistaken notion that I would never feel attracted to anyone other than my husband. I was, after all, deeply in love and thought that “love was all I needed” to fight back any desires, urges or attractions to others. This made me a prime target for […]

6 Reasons Attraction Fades in Marriage

Most spouses at some point inevitably face distractions and/or hindrances to sexual and physical attraction in marriage. I’ve encountered this at various points in my marriage too, but every single time it’s had little to do with how physically or sexually attractive my mate was in that particular moment. #disillusionment I think this is true […]

My Failure to Control Myself And WW Linkup

I find it funny (or sad—you pick!) that, not only can I have trouble with being too controlling with my hubby, but I can go to the other extreme and not be controlling enough—of at least myself! [Tweet “My failure with control is contradictory! #whatsupwiththat? #controlfreak #outofcontrol”] I’m continuing the series—“My Failures, God’s Inroads”—with a […]

Trusting God with My Marriage And WW Linkup

Guest post by blogger – Robi Smith of It was three and a half years ago that I discovered my husband was addicted to pornography. I had been looking through his phone when I stumbled upon deleted still screens of images from porn websites. It came to me as a total shock. My husband […]

What Types of Risks are You Taking?

On my trip to the UK, there were so many “God moments”—moments when I knew that God was busy at work doing things like only He can do! One of those moments was when my husband and I were on the Tube (The underground subway system in London). BTW, we became quite skilled in reading […]

When You’re Attracted to Someone Else

  Can you relate? You’ve been feeling it coming on for weeks, maybe months now. Every time you see this person s/he makes you feel special, noticed. You know it’s not right to feel this way about someone other than your spouse, but it’s been a long time since your spouse looked at you that […]