7 Ways to Clean Up Being Disrespectful to Your Spouse

Recently, I was disrespectful to my husband while we were at our small group Bible study, of all places! It was just that the direction my husband was taking during our discussion just got under my skin. So I sat there stewing—thinking of what I would say to him later in a private moment. Apparently, […]

Are You More of a Humble Spouse or Insecure Spouse? Take the Quiz!

I’ve always wanted to become and be known as a humble spouse. But for the life of me I can’t seem to grasp this elusive quality. It feels very much like chasing after a butterfly. The more I try to capture it, the faster it flits away beyond my grasp. Part of my problem stems […]

8 Acts that Show and Don’t Show Love to Your Husband

When I was first married, my love for my husband overflowed from the passion that naturally and frequently flows from new love. But over time, and through seasons of neglect and trouble that come to every marriage, my love reserves began to dry up. Thankfully, I’ve learned to do some things that serve to rekindle […]

6 Ways to Be a More Compassionate and Forgiving Spouse

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to be compassionate toward your spouse when you’re angry with him or her? It gets even harder when we let our anger turn into bitterness because we’ve chosen not to forgive them. Ironically, keeping this same mindset and practice in place inevitably creates a hard heart as […]

How to Validate Your Spouse’s Feelings

This is a republishing of a post that has been in my top three most viewed posts thus far. So I believe this topic on how to validate our spouses must surely be one that resonates with all of you! I also wanted you to know that I am taking a week off from blogging […]

6 Ways to Apply God’s Word When Your Spouse Hurts You

God’s word is like a salve that, when applied to the wounds and tension-filled moments we experience in marriage, soothes and heals. But just how do we apply God’s word when hurts come in life and marriage? Consider this day in the life of my marriage … I woke up to my husband’s cheerful greeting […]

3 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life Using the Bible

Today I want to provide a romantic game that you and your spouse can play using the Bible as your guide to spice up your love life. No, I’m not going to suggest sitting together, holding hands, while breathlessly taking turns reading the Ten Commandments to each other! 😉 There certainly are more romantic passages […]

Are You Invisible or Transparent in Life and Marriage?

Over the years, I’ve discovered just how important being transparent is to the health of my life and marriage. Sadly, in our day and time, transparency has been replaced with either pretentious posturing or defensive dodging. I’d like to refer to pretentious posturing AND defensive dodging as actually choosing to be “invisible.” People who react […]

The Unfair Task of Being Transparent in Marriage No Matter What

Ever struggle to be open and transparent with your mate about a mistake you’ve made or a troubling thought or feeling you’ve had? So you hide it or stuff it, and try to go on with life as usual. Where did we get the idea that this is ever a good idea? After all, the […]

The Unfair Task of Respecting Your Mate No Matter What

I think people often confuse respect and trust. Why do I say that? Because I hear people, women in particular, saying their mates must earn their respect before they will show respect. I totally understand the challenge to treat with respect the mate who acts in a way that is not respectable. It certainly feels […]